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     On January 28, the US military spotted a large balloon floating in on the coast of Alaska. The balloon traveled for over 3 days until being shot down by an American fighter jet along the coast of South Carolina. The Chinese Foreign Ministry declares that it was just a civilian research ship that was blown off course by feirce winds. The US has rejected all of China's explanations and has insisted that it is a spy balloon. Chinese officials think that our reaction was very excessive. Chine is very overcrowded and many think they are searching for land trying to take over and others think they are scoping out our military bases.


     The US Navy has assigned a group of divers and other personel to investigate and recover all of the debris. The recovery will take many days and the government still does not know a lot about the whole situation. China has already been buying land in the US but we can't buy land over there and China is known for lying which begs the question of what one of their balloons was doing in our country. The ballon was seen over Montana Air Force base which is not good either. More information will come out as the US continues to investigate.


     I think that China is lying about the whole situation and that they are trying to take over the US. A balloon from another country over 7,000 miles away doesn't just show up out of nowhere particullary the US. They also aren't buying land or taking over the pork market by coincidence. I think China is a bunch of dirty liars and that something should be done to stop them.


Do you think China is trying to take over?

What do you think the balloon was for?



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  • Good topic choice and well done! You could have checked back yesterday later in the day. +5 new topic

  • Personally, I have no idea what China is trying to accomplish. I believe that they were lying and that the balloon was used to spy on us. I do not believe China because there is no way their balloon got blown off course by that much.

  • I do not know what China was doing with this balloon it is very interesting and I know that they have already shot it down. I think that they were trying to spy on someone or something many what we were doing. I honestly don't know what it was for though. this would be cool to know what was in it

  • I think that China is lying, and that they were trying to spy on the US especially since they were flying over military bases. Since China has so many people and is overpopulated it would make since for them to be looking for more land. 

  • I do not know what China is doing and only time will tell what will happen. I feel the same about what the balloon was ment for. However I do find it kind of hard to believe that it was a just a civilian research ship that was blown off course because that is a pretty far distance for being blown off course. Which makes it hard to know what it was for.

  • The Chinese ballon was definitely creepy. I do think that if it had to do with weather, they would tell us that. But the fact that it was secretive, is 100% creepy and wrong. I think that are government will take action and hopefully a step in the right direction.

  • I dont think China would try to take over. Just because the United States has lots of allies and the geographical location of the U.S. makes it very difficult. Since we have large deserts, mountains, Rainforests, forests, Wetlands, and Lots of snow in the midwest during the winter. but what other people have said is it could be a test run for china to drop a Emp on the us knocking out the power grid. 

  • I think it's a little crazy that if that is true and they are trying to take over but I think the balloon could have just been so if someone saw it they are just like oh its a balloon and wouldn't think anything of it.

  • I think China may be trying to take some land or just scoping out land to buy from the U.S. as for if the balloon was for spy usage I believe that it is possible that it could be used for such things but it is also possible that China is telling the truth or maybe it wasn't from the Chinese government but someone else and China is trying to cover for them.

  • I think that China was trying to scope out the U.S to plan attact on us or i think they were trying to drop supplies off to someone. I think that it as good that we shot it down because it would of not ended up good for the us because of the stuff already happing.

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