Can you be Successful Without a College Degree

      With the high price of college, many kids wonder if it is worth going to college. Kids are pushed with the fact that they will never be successful without a college degree, but is this true? There are several successful and wealthy people that do not have a college degree. Along with this there are many jobs that require no college degree, that pay better than jobs that require a college degree.

       Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg, and Bill Gates are just some of the very successful people that never received a college degree. Steve Jobs was the co-founder, CEO and chairman of Apple. When Steve Jobs died he had a net worth of 10.2 billion dollars. Mark Zuckerberg is the co-founder of Facebook and the Meta platform, and has a current net worth of 47.2 billion dollars. Finally, Bill Gates is the co-founder of Microsoft and is currently worth 102.1 billion dollars. These men are just some examples of several people that didn’t receive a college degree, but still went on with their life to be very successful and wealthy. They did this by being smart with their money, and being patient with the process to success. 

       Many people who don’t receive a college degree become successful by inventing a new product or becoming an entrepreneur, however, you don’t have to invent something to be successful. People can work an ordinary job but still become very wealthy and happy. One job that fits this description is an electrician. Someone can receive the education they need to become an electrician by working with an experienced electrician or by completing a simple apprenticeship. This person can go on to start their own electrical company. However, there are risks to starting your own company, and the business owner must be careful of their spendings to make sure they don’t spend more than the income. Philadelphia Technician Training Institute explains that you can earn a six figure salary as an electrician with a lot of hard work and dedication. This goes for several other trade jobs, as they are in high demand, but not many people work these jobs. Other jobs that include high paying salaries without college degrees include a pilot, real estate agent, wind turbine and oil rig worker, and many more.

       All in all, it is possible to earn a big quantity of money and be happy without a college degree. It will take a lot of hard work and dedication though. If a student does not go to college, they do not have to worry about paying for college and can start making money right away. There are many examples of people who have become successful without a college degree, and they motivate more people to be like them. I believe that students should not be told that they won’t be successful without a college degree, for the reason that there are many opportunities to become successful and make large amounts of money without a college degree.


Do you believe you will be more successful with or without a college degree?

Do you think society pushes a college education, explain?,of%20the%20electrician%20certification%20programs.

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  •  Super job John!! We have had a similar topic.

  • I feel like you can be successful with or without a college degree. In my opinion a college degree just takes more work but you also get more money out of the job you want to do so it does pay off in the end. I personally don't think I'm going to go to college but I do feel like it is pushed onto a lot of other kids especially smarter kids that do have a good chance of going to college with scholarships.

  • I think that you don't exactly need colllege to become succesful in the world but it helps to have a degree to ensure that you will have a good steady job. Plus, you can save up for your own company once you have found a nice job with your degree. Society for sure pushes you to go to college because highschool is basically getting you ready for college.

  • I think going to college to get some sort of a degree could be useful for if you would need to get a good stable job. I don't think you would necessarily need to get a college degree to be successful, but it could make finding a great paying job easier. Usually it would depend on what area of work force you would like to go in.

  • I believe that it can go both ways because there are many examples where people without a college degree have been very successful. But at the same time, there are also times when people with college degrees have been very successful. But I think where it matters is where your mindset is and how productive you are and what you are doing to achieve your goals. When you wanna be successful, a work ethic is key.

  • I believe it depends on the person and their skills that they have already recieved. If you are someone who is already very business savy and you have already started your own small business then you might not need to go to college for business. But if you would like to further your education on the subject that you enjoy very much then I think college is a great idea. I believe that it used to be wrong in societies eye if you didn't go to college. But I think now we are getting into a more exceptable time where you can be successful without having a college degree.

  • I do believe you can be successful without a college degree. Things have definitely changed so you're able to make a career without going to college. Personally, I would prefer to attend college, even though it's expensive, I believe there are more benefits than just the degree.

    • I can see your opinion that college would be more beneficiary to you personally, and that is the way it is for most people. College is the right path for some, but it isn't right for others. I think anybody can be successful with either choice.

  • yes you can be very sucsefful when not in college or having a degree becuase it does not define how succsefull you casn be when you get older. I will not have a collge degree and I will have to wait and see if having a degree changes life or not.

  • I believe it is possible to be successful without a college degree, but not guaranteed. Everybody has to determine on their own if what they would like to go to college for will eventually earn them a large enough income that makes going into thousands of dollars of debt worth it. In some cases just having a college degree could be useful because it might help one to appear more favorable to employers over other candidates for the same job. I think society does push for going to college and earning a college degree.

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