On December 9th, 2021, wide reciever Demaryius Thomas passed away. Demaryius went attended the school of Georgia Institute of Technology, playing for there football team, Tech Yellow Jackets. Demaryius had a bright future ahead of him being drated to the Broncos in 2010, and then going on to winning Super Bowl 50 against the Carolina Panthers, and winning four Pro Bowls. Demaryius played with the Broncos until 2018 being then traded by the Broncos to the Texans, and then the Patriots, and finally the New York Jets. He then announced in June of 2021 that he was retiring. 

December 12. 2021, the Denver Broncos walked onto the football field with heavy hearts and only 10 men, leaving the 11th spot for Demaryius, to honor him. Broncos current wide reciever Courtland Sutton remained on the sidelines, having a penalty called on the Broncos. The Detroit Lions declined the penalty, and also clapping, and honoring Demaryius Thomas. The Denver Broncos also did put the number 88 on there helmets, and onto there field, and did gather around it before the game. 

I think what the Broncos did was an amazing thing to remember there beloved former wide reciever, and that the Lions did a really good thing declining the penalty and also honoring Demaryius. Taking 10 men onto the field, and leaving the 11th spot for Demaryius is just an amazing thing the Broncos did, and also painting his number on the field, and onto there helmets, just truly shows how much there did care about there former wide reciever. 


Do you think the Lions did the right thing declining the penalty?

How do you think fans would react if the Lions didn't decline the penalty?

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  • Fine job overall Bo! I do think your summary could have been a tad lonmger and you could have replied a few more times as well.

  • ye I do think the lions did the right thing letting a team morne the lose of a great guy who they all knew of and of course the backlash if they did not it would be every major headline for the next week lions chife talks about why he did this is one of millions of possible headlines I cann see which is why I am happy this turned out well for everyone involved 

  • in my opinion it was the right thing to do. There is nothing wrong with honoring a dead person. They did reject the penalty out of gratitude and fans would get mad if they didn't do so.

  • They did the right thing for honoring someone that is dead. Also, that's good that they declined the penalty. This shows lots of respect to all of the team. If they did not decline the penalty this act would show disrespect to the dead man.

  • I think that it was the right thing to decline the penalty. Instead, they honored someone who had died. I think some fans would be really angry if they hadn't declined the penalty, because a person's life and passing is way more important than a football game.

  • Yes I think that the lions did a good thing declining the penalty because I showes that they all respect that he had played for the team and they all miss him. If the lions would have declined the penalty they would probably been booed off the feild because that is showing that they just dont care about the teammate who unfortunatly passed away.

  • Yes, I think the Broncos did the right thing by declining the penalty. It shows so much respect to Demaryuis Thomas and his whole family basically. I feel like the fans would have gone crazy and have been very mad and frustrated if the Lions would have declined the penalty.

  • I think that this was very cool of how both teams honored a fellow team mate and a fellow opponent. I respect the two teams and think they both did the right thing by honoring Demaryius.

  • I think they did the right thing in my opinion. They declined the penalty out of respect. Not only did they do the right thing for themselves, they also made the fans happy.

    • I also agree that they did the right thing. Apparently both head coaches met before the game, and both agreed on declining the penalty which I personally thought was really cool.

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