Block schedule or regular schedule

Don’t you feel like we should switch things up at school by having a two hour early out every week. I think that we should have an early out every wednesday instead of having to be in school until 3:00. The first reason is, if we have an early out it could give kids and teens more time for movement, and brain breaks. Kids might be happier with an early out in the middle of the week so they have more energy. Sometimes when we have a regular schedule some students have sports and they don’t get home until it's dark out but if they start practices early they will get home before dark. 

With school being let out early on Wednesdays it can help increase family time. A shorter school day could mean intergenerational bonding time, and just more precious unstructured time with family. It can also help teachers stay cohesive because of the early release days. So, I think having an early out every Wednesday will benefit and be better than a regular schedule.



Whould you rather have a Block schedule or regulaer schedule?

Do you think we should have a early out every wesnday?

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  • Good topic choice! Your summary is brief and you didn't reply to any student comments which is worth 30 points. It was also late one day.

  • I think I would like to have the block schedule. I feel like I got more out of my day instead of just 30 minutes. I don't think we should get out every Wednesday. I think we should make it on Friday. Then its just a nice way to end the week. 

  • Personally, I would prefer to keep the regular schedule because I am used to it. I think that the block schedule is very boring, and it sucks to have some classes for more than an hour like study hall. I do think that having an early out every Wednesday is a good idea.

  • I prefer regular schedule but I do like the block schedule. The block schedule gives me more time to do homework and/or study for test or quizes. The only down fall to block schedules is every class is super long, but on the other hand though we have longer passing periods.

  • I prefer using a regular schedule over the block schedule. There are some aspects I like about the block schedule. More material would be able to be covered in a longer class, but I think it would be hard to pay attention to one subject for that long. I would like to have a shorter day every Wednesday, but not if that means the school year would have to be longer. 

  • I think that the regular is better than the block schedule. all of the students and teachers are already used to it. and I feel like kids would get even more bored and start causing even more problems with other kids and teachers. i do think we should have the early out every Wednesday though it would give kids a little bit of a beak in the week.

  • I think we should keep using the regular schedule. I don't like being in one class for that long, and I think its easy to forget what you learned in class if you only go every other day. I would be ok with an early out every Wednesday as long as we wouldn't have to go longer at the end of the year. 

  • Personally I am tied between block and regular schedule. while block is nice because it is less moving around, I would get bored easily because the period is so long. The shorter periods are conveinent because they give us a chance to exercise our legs after sitting for awhile, but most kids don't have enough time to use the restroom.

  • I would really enjoying having a 2 hour early out every week. I think that it would be best on a Wednesday because it is right in the middle of the week and I think that teachers would prefer it to be Wednesday too.

  • I would rather have a regular schedule. Block schedule is not really the best for me. I can't sit in the same room for more than an hour it makes me stir crazy. I feel like it wouldn't be a bad idea for us to get out early on Wednesday. 

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