Black lives matter riots started in April of 2020. When George Floyd was killed by a policeman after breaking the law. Which caused many African Americans to start rioting by lighting stores on fire and killing people. They did this to prove a point that the police force targets black people. They also say that the most African American killings are by policemen. Which is very far from the truth. In 2020 only 8% of African Americans were killed by the police whereas 83% were killed by African American gangs. 

The riots went on for many months and hundreds of innocent people passed from them. Many businesses were also shut down or lit on fire. The riots started in Minneapolis where George passed. George was on the ground because he bought a pack of cigarettes with a fake bill. Between 1997 and 2005, Floyd served eight jail terms on various charges, including drug possession, theft, and trespass. Goerge was arrested 23 times, attempted to steal 3 cars, and many more violent crimes. So when people keep saying he was innocent, they're wrong. This  didn't mean he deserved to be killed. But the police did have a reason to look out for him and it wasn't because of his skin color it was because he had a bad criminal record. 

My opinion on this is that the police had a reason to put him on the ground. They didn't have to kill him but I understand why he didn't lift his knee. Because many criminals say that as a lie to get their knee off them then they are able to run. I think it's ridiculous that the media still calls this a peaceful protest and not a riot. This was anything further than a peaceful protest. People were lighting stores on fire with hundreds of people in them. Breaking into people's homes and shooting them. Lighting the American flag on fire and many more. 

In A Riot's Ashes: Minneapolis Business Owners Support Protesters, But Wish  It Would've Gone Differently

Do you agree with the BLM riots?


Do you think this was a riot or peaceful protest?

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    • I agree, people tried having more authority then the police and got mad when the police would gas them.

  • I think there should not have been big riots for something that small. I don't cops hate black people, it is just a fact that there criminal records are just higher then any other race. And its not like cops only kill/arrest/punish black people. There are plenty of other races that get into trouble.

    • I agree, I understand why they were rioting but dont agree with how they approched it. 

  • I think there shouldn't be a riot, protests are not destructive but when it becomes harmful and things become damaged or people get hurt then it has crossed the line. that's the reason for the first amendment freedom of speech. you have the right to protest, but when it becomes violent, it has gone too far and needs to be shut down. 

    • I agree, when they took it to far they should have stopped right away because they were just making a worse picture for themselves.

  • I think that there shouldn't have had those big of riots for that tiny thing. Cops make bad mistakes not just to black people but to all different colors. I think that the riots were not peaceful because the people that had nothing involved they were scared to death.

    • I agree, some cops do make mistakes but so does every human.

  • No, but I can understand why BLM supporters would be upset. However, that does not give them the right to do more harm than good to others who have nothing to do with the BLM movement. That riot was defiantly not peaceful, as you can see, people were starting things on fire, and harming other people.  

    • I agree, not much about that protest was peaceful.

  • I think that BLM people blew this way out of porportion. I think that if George Floyd was completely innocent and had no criminal charges, they could have been this mad. But he was not a good guy and had a terrible criminal record. I think that what they did to towns and small businesses was horrible and they should be held accountable.

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