Are Wind Turbines Good or Bad

Over the past few decades, wind turbines have become very popular in our area. They are one of the main sources of electricity in the midwest so they are pretty important. There are many pros and cons to using wind turbines for energy, so are they really worth it, or not?


One good things about using wind turbines is that they do not require a lot of money to operate. They are also a renewable source of energy, since we will forever have wind. Another advantage of wind turbines is that they do not requrie a lot of land space. Then, farmers can still work around them, and they don't lose much ground. The wind turbine field also created an abunance of new jobs. People were hired to build, and work on, these things, and that helps out our economy and lowers unemployment rates.


Although there are many good things about wind energy, there are also some bad. One con is that the wind does not blow all the time, so the turbines cannot be making energy to their full potential. They are then sitting there at an idle, which is a waste of time, money, and resources. Another bad thing about them is that they cost a lot of money to build. Generally, it costs between 2 and 4 million to build one wind turbine. This is not worth it when each one only lasts about 20 years. Then, they are thrown in what is basically a graveyard with all the old parts that can't be used anymore. These turbines also cannot handle extreme weather due to them being built light so that the wind can move them. They also cause sight and sound pollution, because they are not the most visually appealing, and they are noisy.


In my opinion, there are better ways to make renwable energy than using wing turbines. Hydroelectric dams are a more effective way, because the water is not going to stop flowing. We also wouldn't need to make as much electricity if people didn't keep getting these electric cars, which are just as bad for the environment than a gas vehicle.


Do you think Wind Turbines are effective?


Why or Why Not?


What do you think is the best way to make energy?


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  • Reall good job Lance! It was a bit late.

  • Yes I think that wind turbines are effective because they dont take up that much space and they do a little bit. The only thing I would chance is the price to get one of them. I think that the best way to get energy is solar pannels.

    • I agree that solar panels are a more effective way to make energy than wind. I think that wind turbines are effective, but not worth the time and money that we put into them. There are better ways to make renewable energy.

  • I think wind turbines are a good idea and can be useful to a point but like you said they are not very consistent. They waste a lot of money and take up land to a point. I think building dams is a better idea also.

  • I do think that wind turbines are good because they provide an effective source of energy. I think they're good becaues they use wind, and they also don't cause any pollution. I do think that wind is one of the best ways to make energy.

  • I think that wind turbines are good and effective for energy purposes because they use wind to harness energy into power for us. It doesnt put many if not any emmisions into the air so that doesnt cause pollution. The best way to make energy is probalby wind or water like from dams.

    • I think that wind turbines do cause pollution. They don't do it while they are making energy, but there are pollutants going into the air when the materials are being made. Wind turbines also cause pollution when they break down and have to be replaced after about 20 years. Then, they get thrown on a heap to lay there forever.

  • I think wind turbines are a waste of money. It costs more money to put them up then what they receive for energy. I love the idea about it, but it is not an efficient energy source. I think solar energy is one of the most energy efficient way to produce things.

    • I agree that solar energy is more efficient than using wind turbines. Solar panels cost much less, and they last way longer. A downside is that they cannot generate energy at night, but it is usually not too windy at night either.

  • I think that wind turbines are a good source of energy because we are only using the wind to power the wind turbines. There is a big fight about people not wanting wind turbines in there feild's.

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