Are School Dress Codes Unfair?

There are a lot of students and even parents that argue the dress code. Administrators try to enforce it, but it can cause a lot of problems. Students express themselves differently through their clothing. By wearing band t-shirts like motley crue, def leppard, billie eilish, ice spice, and a lot of others. They can also express themselves by wearing crop tops or baby tees. There are also schools that prohibit sweatpants, sweatshirts, leggings, or any athletic attire. Schools state that it makes it “easier to hide drugs.” 

Girls face a lot of the heat when it comes to the dress code especially when the weather gets warmer. Shirts can’t show your shoulders, have straps skinner than two fingers, skirts and shorts have to be fingertip length. People say that the dress code sexualizes female students. 

Boys can be at practice for their sport and be shirtless, but girls can’t wear certain tank tops or bras when it is 100 degrees out. This is a double standard and is completely unfair. If the boys are able to be shirtless then the females should be able to wear their sport bras and tank tops.

Do you believe that the dress code targets girls?

Should the dress code be changed?


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  • Good topic and summary Karissa. The issue is you didn't reply to any student comments which is worth 30 points. A day late as well.

  • I think that the dress code may target girls more than boys but there is also lots more factors to girls fashion than boys. Boys have very straight forward clothing options for example, shorts, pants, t-shirts, and sweatshirts. Girls on the other hand have many different styles of clothes along with many different cuts. It is definitely a very controversial topic.

  • I think that dress codes mainly target girls instead of both girls and boys. Boys do get effected by it but not much if at all. I believe that dress codes should be a little more relaxed because I think that some of the dress code is ridiculous and useless. 

  • I personally believe that dress codes are more aimed toward girls. But, that is mostly because girls are more likely to wear clothing that exposes more than guys would. I think that girls should be able to wear tanktops when it gets warm during school.

  • I think some dress codes are unfair and overly police what people are able to wear. Most of the time I think dress codes are more targeted towards girls than guys. I think everybody should be able to choose what they want to wear to school as long as they are dressed appropriately.

  • yes, and they are more targeted twards women. Many fashion now shows more skin, and I think the dress code should be a little less strict then being completly covered so maybe change it a little insted of having it really strict.

  • Yes I do think the dress code targets girls. I understand if someone walks in to school with their butt hanging out then yeah. If we can't wear tanktops because our shoulders are distracting or our stomachs. Bffr. Everyone dresses like that nowadays anyway. The teachers may think it's innapropriate but all the other students really don't care.

  • I think that the dess code should target girls. It's not the school that sexualizes females. Our dress code is not what is listed. In fact the dress code got lessened at the start of the school year. I am not sure what the dress code says about the length of shorts but I am sure that it is not fingertip length. Along with when wearing tops, girls can show their shoulders. I think that you should have done more research about what our school says and not say lies.

  • No, The dress code does not target girls, Because guys also have a part in the dress code. Guys wear a lot of hats and we are not allowed to ware that stuff anymore as well as cut offs. I think that the dress code should be changed because it is a little strick.

  • I don't think that dress codes target girls at all. Obviously girls who wear clothes that show a lot will be targeted. I think that girls fashion nowadays shows a lot more skin. Guys don't have issues with this because most guys just wear a t-shirt and shorts or pants.

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