Are People Too Dependent On Computers?

Charles Babbage, the father of computers, invented the first mechanical computer. Later in 1833 he invented a general purpose computer such as the ones today. As computers started to evolve the first ENIAC(Electronic Numerical Integrator and Computer). Which was made nearly a century later by John W. Mauchly and J.Presper Eckert.


Since computers have such high capabilities many people today and throughout history have relied on computers. Such as, talk to people from farther differences, meet people from other countries, and receive information much faster. Because computers make life so much easier, they’ve become very addictive. A study has shown that the number of illiterate people have increased due to the use of computers and technology.  Although computers have so many benefits they are making students unable to obtain information because it is now right at their fingertips.


I think that people are too dependent on computers. I think this because of personal experiences of people not knowing basic math problems and easy historical facts. As well as, people being addicted to their phones so badly that they are on them while driving. It is better to be around people in person rather than behind a screen. This is why I think that people are too dependent on computers.,-Since%20the%20evolution&text=One%20of%20the%20earliest%20and,was%20a%20general%2Dpurpose%20computer,having%20negative%20effects%20on%20children

Do you think that you are addicted to computers? Why?


Why do you think people become addicted?

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  • Good job overall Ethan! Be sure to comment on three different days.

  • I dont think that people are to dependant on computers, but sometimes I am too dependant on my computer. Poeple mad the computers to help us out with life. People usually become too addicted tocomputers. So no, I don't think that we dependant on computers too much.

  • No I do not think that people are too dependent on computers because they will be around forever.  We made the computers to help us out with life.  We should believe in the computers that we made to help us out.  I do not think that we depend on computers too much.

    • I completly understand your point of view because technology will never go away. Also that we made computers to help us. But I do think that there are some that are on computers too much and that they overuse computers. 

  • I personally do not think that I am addicted to computers, but at times I do think I am too dependent on them. I believe that people usually become addicted to computers because they make everything a lot easier, and they are far more efficient. 

  • I believe that there are times when people are too dependent on their computers. However, people also are just using technology that is used everyday in today's world. Why not use a resource if it is around? I really think that the addiction to techology like computers depends on the time. 

    • I agree sometimes people can be too dependent, as well as that people are just using their resources available to them. But I do think that computers dicourage learning due to the fact that students don't need to learn when they can just search up an answer.

  • I think that people are addicted to computers and using them too much for certain things. Many people are just addicted to technology in general. We should really only use technology when we have nothing better to do. I think we use our technology too much for games, etc.

    • I do agree that people are too addicted to computers and using them for basic knowledge purposes. People should start learning basic knowledge that is used everyday instead of relying on technology to do it for them.

  • I think that I am sort of dependent on my computer. Whether it be simple math problems that I don't feel like doing or playing games I do rely on my computer to do things that I don't feel like doing myself. I think that people become addicted to their laptops because they do stuff for you and provide us with useful information.

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