Are Animals Running Out Of Places To Live?

Animals and wildlife all over the place have been declining in numbers. For example, in 2001 animal species on average have been declining in population by around 60%! Part of it has to do with human cruelty and some of it has to do with weather and climate change over time. So, what can we do to prevent the changes occuring in the animals life?


Some ways we can help stop the destruction of animal shelters is to: not litter, stop destroying popular animal sanctuarys like the forests and jungles, and destroying land that the animals live on for structures like buildings and houses. Most of the ways animals are running out of places to live has to do with human cruelty. For example, the city Manaus is eating into the Amazon Rainforest. In 2015 the settlement known as Monte Horebe started clearing the Amazon Rainforest with chainsaws and fire for the use of land. 


Another reason wildlife is running out of places to call home is simply because of the climate changing around them. For example, Moose have been forced to go farther North into Canada because of less snow and warmer temperatures can lead to more winter ticks. Thousands of parasites can feed on a single moose at once to feed of the host (the moose) and weaken its organs, causing organ failure, leading to certain death. 




Do you think that humans or climate is the reason animals are being forced out of their home?

Are you seeing these changes in your life?

Do you think the government or the companies building into their shelters should be stopped?


Animals are Running Out of Places to Live

9 Animals Affected by Climate Change

Amazon Rainforest being Eaten by Humans 

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  • Mason, 

    Your topic is good and your summary is well done. I would like to see sone of your perosnal thoughts within it next time. The big issue is that you didn't reply to any students comments which is worth 30 points.

  • I do belive that animals are running out of places to live because people are buying and modernizing land. People buy land and then build on it, so there is becoming less and less open land. It is going to keep getting worse and worse if we don't stop letting people build on animal land.

  • I think that animals are running out of places to live. People are buying land and building houses and other stuff in animal habitats. Some animals have to try and find a new place to live and some of the places they pick aren’t the best because that part of land could start to get stuff built on it.

  • Yes I think that they are running out of places to live. I think that people are trying to expaned and take more land from them. I think that aniamals are going to all go close to extiction in 2060. I think we are taking to much from the earth tree wise and forest wise. 

  • I believe we are taking a lot of the land for these animals. We are over-populating onto there space. Lots of animals are going to be extinct in the next 10 years because of us. We are basically taking there home and making it into ours. 

  • Lots of animals are becoming extinct and a big reason is just because of their home conditions. I think that our government should try to do something to keep these animals safe from climate that is harmful to their bodies and other things that can harm them. 

  • In my opinion, both humans and climate are the reason for animals' homes being destroyed. Us as humans are part of the reason the climate is changing. We litter, pollute, and destroy the Earth, making it hard for animals to stay in their habitats because they are all getting ruined.

  • I think that both humans and climate are the reason animals are forced out of their homes. I am not seeing these changes that much, but I do know it is happening in other countries that have jungles, deserts, etc. I think that it should be stopped because soon there won't be any homes for these animals. 

  • I think that we are a reason we definetly could do something to stop it. I think that they shouldn't be taking down the forest and stuff to build more houses. How about they fix houses that are abandoned or something. We need trees and animals so if they take them all down it's gonna effect us badly too.

  • I think climate change is the reason that animals are losing their homes. many animals are being forced out of their habitat, I believe that animals should be able to live without the fear of their home being destroyed. 

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