Are AirPods Bad for Your Ears?

      There are a lot of different opinions based on whether or not wearing airpods damage your hearing. Some websites claim that they can be bad for your hearing because they create a seal that doesn't allow any outside sounds in so the music or sounds go straight into your ear which can be damaging after long periods. Wearing airpods a lot can also cause chafing of your skin, itchiness, and possibly ear pain. If you put your airpods too far in your ear it can start to hurt your ear cartilage or irratate your skin. The noise cancellation can put pressure on your ears which can be painfull for some people. 

     Although there are some people who think airpods are damaging to your ears there are also people who think they're perfectly fine. There are different websites that state that wearing airpods is perfectly fine as long as you don't have them in for too long or the sound too loud. They also say the sound waves for the noise cancellation don't effect your hearing or anything.  


Do you think AirPods are bad for your hearing?

How often do you wear AirPods?

Do AirPods hurt your ears after a short or long period of time?

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  • Hope,

    Your topic if fine but your summarty is brief and you stopped replying to. Keep going all week.

  • I think that they could be bad for your ears if you listen to music too loud. I believe that that is the same with listening to music too loud in your car as well. I think that they are fine for your ears if you do not listen to your music too loud. I think that it is the listener's choice to protect their hearing.

  • In my personal opinion, I think that AirPods are usually only harmful to a person's hearing if they are wearing them for way to long. Or if the person is listening to their music at a way higher level than is recommended to keep your ears safe.

  • I think that airpods shouldn't be bad for your ears or your hearing. If your music is way too loud or it's shoved into your ear at a weird angle, it could definitely be uncomfortable and not good for you. Mine usually hurt my ears after a long time of wearing them, but I think thats normal. It's almost like you're tired of your jeans by the end of the day, they get uncomfortable.

  • I have AirPods but I don't think that is bad for your hearing unless the music is really loud. I think that it doesn't matter what kind headphones you are using. Its not only airpods. I use my air pods most days during school but otherwise not that often.

  • I don't have airpods, but just wearing headphones or earphones sometimes hurt my ears. I usually try not to blast the volume because I know it's not the best for your ears. I usually don't use headphones because I don't listen to music that much.

  • I use my AirPods at least once a day, and when I wear them most of the time they are in notice cancellation mode. My ears only hurt if I was wearing my AirPods for a long time, usually after two hours. I think that Airpods are bad for your hearing if you wear them excessively every day. 

  • I say yes and no. It depends on how you use them. like if you take a shower then use them thats a big no no because it can cause infections/funguse to grow in your ears and it is not fun dealing with that, and wearing them to much can cuse your ears to hurt so just take breaks from them. They do great with not having to deal with wiers and they feel more comfortable for some people.

  • I can see how they can be bad for your hearing, I wear mine everyday but with breaks. After a long time they just get uncomfortable they've never hurt my ears.

  • I think AirPods are bad for your hearing but so is everything with loud sound. I think this won't do anything to prevent people wearing them because you could just turn the volume down to prevent hearing damage. I wear airpods about every class I can to try and speed things up and enjoy something about school. I think any loud thing for a strained period of time will be bad. 

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