Are 14 years of school rational?

As an American, you usually attend school for 14 years, including preschool and kindergarten. Is this a rational system set up by our government? Many people also decide to attend college which brings up those years to 16-18 years. 


The reason school started and lasts so long is that children were no longer as much needed on farms and were too young to work in factories. So children were instead sent to school to advance their education and prepare them for harder more technological jobs and over time schools settles into the 12-14 year-long course.


We spend most of our year in school, is it beneficial? Some studies show that, yes, it is. Students have enough time to receive new information from their teachers and have enough time each day and each school year to study this information and take the quizzes related to it. Some people even believe that school should be year-round instead of only 9 months.


Other people disagree with this and say the school should have shortened years. These people believe that mental health plays a big part in productivity at school and school causes poor mental health, so giving students a chance to breathe from school instead of giving them 3 months break, they believe the break from school should be longer. Students could also use this time to gain the necessary skills that they get from being outside of school, like motor skills. People could also use this time for their jobs to gain money for after school.


Should school years be shortened?

What benefits are from either circumstance?

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  • I do think that the amount of school years we have is fine. I do not think that it is too long or too short. I don't think that it should be lessened because then people would be going to college way too young. I can see why people think we go to school for too long, but I disagree.

    • Do you think to shorten school we should start school later? 

  • I think 14 years of school is reasonable. A lot of basic skills are taught over the 14 years and then other skills are taught that build on those basic skills each year. Personally, I think if students were able to graduate and go to college a couple years earlier they would be too young.

    • If school schedules were to change now so 16-year-olds will go to college I think more people would take more gap years and eventually give up on going to school, so I agree that if students were to graduate earlier they'd be too young.

  • I don't think 14 years is needed. In the U.K., kids typically go to school until 16 and then they start with college. They mature faster because of this and enter the world sooner. As well as having more time to accumulate wealth and experience. The benefits that come with 14 years of school are more knowledge, more time to prepare for the real world, etc. But entering the workforce sooner let's a person develop essential life skills sooner.

    • People in Britain also have a school schedule set up where every month/few months(?) they get around 3 weeks of school off and then continue school once more. I find this system better than what the U.S. has set up currently.

  • I think that the length of the school year is not too big nor is it too small. I think that whether you decide to go to college or not it is very beneficial for you to at least finish High School so that you can get a job that pays well and maybe even get a job that you enjoy. I believe that even if it is only 3 months that we get a break to be able to work, have fun with friends, or both it is still very worth it.  I think that school is very important and some people complain that it's boring and pointless, or people even say “I'm never going to use this with the job that I want.”  trust me you will at some point. Yes, there are benefits from both finishing high school and going to college or even not going to college but it will 100% benefit you more if you decide to go to college as well. It does not matter if you think school is boring or pointless going to college and getting a degree of some sort will benefit you in the long run, even if, it's a degree for something that you didn't even apply for a job for. Having some type of degree will increase your chances of getting a good-paying job that you might even enjoy a little bit.

  • 14 years of school can be both rational and irrational because of how expensive schooling is if school costs less then it would not be so bad due to the overinflated prices of school it can be hard to pay so if school costs less then yes it would be fine.

    • I agree that cost of school should lessen. People should have access to an education without having to pay so much.

  • In my opinion, we have enough school years and the length of the years is also good. Only having 9 months of school leaves enough time for breaks where students can relax and actually do the things that they enjoy. I think that you learn a lot in 14 years of school and that it should prepare you enough for your future career. 

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