Are 14 years of school rational?

As an American, you usually attend school for 14 years, including preschool and kindergarten. Is this a rational system set up by our government? Many people also decide to attend college which brings up those years to 16-18 years. 


The reason school started and lasts so long is that children were no longer as much needed on farms and were too young to work in factories. So children were instead sent to school to advance their education and prepare them for harder more technological jobs and over time schools settles into the 12-14 year-long course.


We spend most of our year in school, is it beneficial? Some studies show that, yes, it is. Students have enough time to receive new information from their teachers and have enough time each day and each school year to study this information and take the quizzes related to it. Some people even believe that school should be year-round instead of only 9 months.


Other people disagree with this and say the school should have shortened years. These people believe that mental health plays a big part in productivity at school and school causes poor mental health, so giving students a chance to breathe from school instead of giving them 3 months break, they believe the break from school should be longer. Students could also use this time to gain the necessary skills that they get from being outside of school, like motor skills. People could also use this time for their jobs to gain money for after school.


Should school years be shortened?

What benefits are from either circumstance?

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  • Good topic choice and well done overall. Be sure spread out how many commewnts you reply to per day as most of your comments were done on one day.

  • In my personal opinion, I think that the time is fine for the years of schooling. Although we do spend a lot of time at school, if you aren't moving on to college or a secondary education, I think that the fourteen years are necessary. 

  • I thinkn that the amount of school we have is necessary. If you really want to drop out, you can at the age of 14, however, I don't really think many students would do that. Many people dislike school, however, we know that we should go to school to be smarter and have a better future (in some cases) in life.

  • I think 14 years is a lot of years but we have to learn a lot of things that takes time. If anything the time should be shortened but should not be made longer. Theres also an option to drop out but it would be hard to get a good job if you drop out.

    • I agree that we have enough time to learn things, students who accelerate in classes, however, would get to leave earlier so it's fair.

  • I don't think that the years that we spend in school should be shortened. I think that it's a good amount and gives time for students to learn the necessary skills. For some, they might go on to put in more than just 14 years of school. 

  • I think that the years should be either not changed from what we have now or shortened. I think this becuase over the summer there are oprotunities to go on vacation and stuff like that. Another important thing is that without a larger summer break then there is no chance to do credit recovery. Credit recovery is where a student fails the second semester of a class and retakes it in the summer so they can continue to advance with their classmates.

    • I agree that we have a lot of time to go on vacation during school summers, and you're ideas of credit recovery are something I didn't consider before.

  • I think the amount of school we have is fine, I think it's a perfect amount of time to learn what you need to. I do wish they would have more classes that teach you about what you'll actually need to know as an adult, such as how to do taxes, how to fill out an application, etc. The school years may be long and annoying, but in the end its all worth it.

  • I do think that the amount of school years we have is fine. I do not think that it is too long or too short. I don't think that it should be lessened because then people would be going to college way too young. I can see why people think we go to school for too long, but I disagree.

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