Animal Testing

     Millions of different pets and animals are used every year just in the United States for different testing. They lock animals up and force them to eat, they inject different chemicals and drugs into their skin, and they are forced to inhale different things. Animals that get tested get exposed to different drugs and chemicals that can make them sick, give them very bad disseases, put them in very bad pain, or kill them. Usually the animals will stay there until they die. They usually get killed after the expirement so that they can get looked at to see how the test worked out. 

   Some pros of animal testing are that it has improved and saved the lives of millions of people. It has also benefited plenty of businesses and researchers. It helps make sure that humans stay safe and it puts no human lives at risk. Also it helps with the odds of people sueing businesses for their products. 

    Cons of animal testing are that more than 110 million animals are tortured to death and killed in labs for different testings that don't always work and aren't even 90% accurate. It's inhumane to lock the animals down in place, poke them in the eyes and mouth, slice at there skin, and much worse. There are so many people worried about animal abuse and hurting animals but then they buy things that have been animal tested and sometimes they don't even understand how badly it hurts the animals. 

     In my opinion I think there are so many things not okay about animal testing. Why would you want to purposely torture animals for information that isn't even 100% accurate. When I think about it I think about if it were my pet. The animals that are getting killed are there sometimes from birth until they die and they never even did anything wrong or to hurt anyone. 


Do you think there is a better way to test products?

Should animal testing be considered as animal abuse?

Do you think animal testing should be illegal?,How%20many%20animals%20are%20used%20in%20experiments%20each%20year%3F,in%20the%20U.S.%20or%20worldwide.,muscular%20dystrophy%2C%20and%20Parkinson's%20disease.,killed%20in%20laboratories%20every%20year.,%2C%20food%2C%20and%20cosmetics%20testing.

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  • Good topic choice and well done Hope! Be sure to comment on three different days. Most all of your comments were done on the same day.

  • I think that there is a better way to test products. I do think that test animals should be charged with animal abuse because hurting an animal for no reason is not alright. I think it should be illegal to test animals and if you do it you should get a punisment.

  • I think that animal testing is a very wrong thing to do. It shouldn't be happening. But I do know that we do need it in some cases. We don't want to have something that could possible harm us, kill us even. Most of these animals are bred to be tested. Just like the rat dissection, they were bred for us to dissect. 

  • In my opinion I think animal testing is a very terrible thing and it is a very wrong thing to do. I think there has to be another way for people to do testing of new products on different things and still get the results they need. But currently it is probably the most effective way.

  • I think that there are better ways to test products rather than animal testing. For example, you could test on human participants. I think that animal testing is animal abuse because animals that are tested can be harmed or killed by the products that are used on them. Yes, animal testing should be illegal in all countries.

  • In my personal opinion, I think that we can all agree that animal testing is absolutely horrible and wrong on so many different levels. I think that there are one hundred percent many different ways to test products that does not involve the torturing of innocent animals. 

  • Animal testing is awful. It's one of those processes in society that we only accept because we have chosen to ignore it. There are other ways of testing cosmetics, such as in-vitro methods. I would assume in-vitro is more expensive than animal testing which is why more companies don't do it. It comes down to greed and selfishness. Thankfully, many well-known and easily accessible brands are cruelty-free such as Fenty Beauty, The Ordinary, Stila, and Elf.

  • i think animal testing isn't good, but what other options do we have. we don't want to test on humans, so this, to and extent, is the best way to do it. yes, it can be harsh and possibly kill the animal, but this is one of the only ways to do it. 

  • I think to an extent, animal testing is very harsh but the only way out. There could definitely be other ways, but they probably wouldn't have the same effect and would end up not being as useful with the testing company's knowledge. Overall, I can see both sides.

    • I agree, there are some circumstances that animal testing isn't hurting the animals, but the majority of animal testing is hurting or killing the animals. You are right the other ways of testing products may not be as affective, but that's why we should try to make it a goal to figure out an even better way to test products that is more accurate and doesn't hurt anyone.

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