Allen, Texas outlet mall shooting


              On Saturday morning there was a shooting that occured in an Outlet mall in Texas. This is a very tragic and sudden accident. Eight people were killed and seven were severely injured. There was a cop that lost his life on the line trying to protect those innocent people. The shooter was identified by law enforcement. He was a hispanic-male named Mauricio Garcia.


              The shooter was eventually shot and killed at the scene. He was a Mexican gang member. He had criminal records before this incident. I believe Biden’s Administration Is not keeping our border safe between our two countries. Biden hasn’t sent much help down to the border and illegal immigrants are coming in and causing lots of harm and danger.


              The shooting erupted in broad daylight around 3:30pm. Last weekend a gunman killed five people in Cleveland, Texas. I would say there is a slight war near the border with illegal immigrants. I hope Biden and his administration help clean up the mess down there. Prayers should be sent out to the whole state of Texas as there is violence and crime happening there.



What are your thoughts on this kind of shooting?


Do you think the border should be more secured and controlled?

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  • I do thinkyour summary could have been longer and included a little more of your personal thoughts and opinions on gun violence. Also be sure to reply back on three differfent days.

  • These shootings keep occuring all over our nation, and they need to be stopped. Not all are done by illegal immigrants, but it would most likely help to have more protection on our borders. I think that our president needs to focus more on our border security. He isn't going to though, because he's busy focusing on unimportant things like climate change. 

  • Shootings like these are always very depressing and unfortunate. We can do all these things to prevent shootings and all these atrocities, but at the end of the day, I don't think that we can do too much but just become better people in this world.

  • I think it is very sad and unfortunate that stuff like shootings happen. I think that no matter what even with more secured and controlled borders this type of stuff will still happen. Where there's a will there's a way so people will find a way.

  • I think the border should most definitely be more controlled. We can't just keep letting in people from other countries when our country can barely sustain itself and so many people are without food/homes. I think that they should also have more regulations on guns, you should still be able to have them but I think they should do background checks/mental tests that determine if you are stable enough to own a gun.

  • I feel like people do not talk enough about shootings I think that they are bad I think that if we had the mall things like this would be solved and these are really bad things about these worse shootings.

  • Comments about the border and illegal immigration are completely irrelevant and this post is very misleading. There is zero evidence that Garcia was an immigrant, let alone an illegal immigrant. He was a US citizen and served in the military. This is a horrible tragedy and the shooter is horrible, but he was not an illegal immigrant.

  • Shootings like this are absolutely terrible and we need to do something to try to stop it. I think that if the border was more controlled it could help prevent things like this from happening. We need to be more careful when letting people into our country. 

  • I most definitely think the border needs to be more secured, because things like this will continue to happen unlless we change something. Shootings like these are absolutly sickening and terrible for the people who were harmed and related to the people who were harmed.

  • Shootings like this one in Texas are terrifying and sickening to read about. It seems that the border NEEDS to be more secure and controlled. I think that the president has a big part in if the border is being managed and secured to a safe extent. I think they need to look into border control more and that could possibly lead to an increase and shootings and other criminal activities. 

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