Worlds larges Cyber Attack takes place over weekend

I international cyber attack took place over the weekend affecting multiple countries. Ransomware is the biggest cyber attack in history and it's not over yet. Ransomeware works by locking people out of there computers and the only way to get back in is to pay by bitcoin. Once you pay the ransom the bitcoins go to the hackers. If you don't pay the ransom within a specific time, you are permanently locked out of your computer and all the files on the computer are released and deleted. The virus has affected over 200,000 people in 150 different countries.

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What do you think the punishment for this crime for this should be?

What would you do if the virus attacked your computer?


I think that the hackers that did this should have life in prison since this is a international crime that has affected hundreds of thousands of people. As far as what I would do if my computer was attacked, I would most likely pay the ransom then once this is all solved, see if I can get my money back.

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  • I think that the people who started the virus should be put in prison I wouldn't do any thing about my computer if they attacked it because there's nothing on my computer that I would be worried about.

  • I think that in total the punishment for this will end up being life in prison but a case where the felon did it once should only be a year or so in prison. I would pay the fine only if it was cheaper to pay the fine than get a new computer.

  • I think the hackers involved should have a lengthy prison sentence as well as a ban on any technology after/if they get out of prison. If my computer was attacked I would try to move all my files then delete them the best I can if I knew how, but if I didn't know how then pay the ransom.

    • I like the idea of a tech ban but i am not sure whether you could move the files or not I believe they would be encrypted and inaccessible to the victim.      

  • I think they should be heavily fined and a long time in prison. They may have committed an international crime but they didn't really harm anyone physically so I wouldn't go as far as life in prison. I would probably pay the ransom and see if I could get money back later.

    • I partially agree with you, this is still a serious crime that affected hundreds of thousands of people across multiple countries, I feel like they should have life in prison, but I do agree with you on the ransom part. Thanks for the comment!

  • I think that they should get life at a minimum for committing an international crime and going after a huge mass of people. I certainly wouldn't pay and I would just call the police so they can try to solve the issue.

  • life in prison and a huge fine. i wouldn't pay them and just make sure my computer is backed up 

    • I kind of agree. These hacks can cause huge amounts of damage and the people doing them are obviously bad and have to plan out hese things way in advance, which makes the crime worse to me.

  • I think that maybe they should go to prison for a bit of time, but not for life. I would just shut it down until I actually find out what is going on with my computer, then I would get on it.

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