The White House's response to the latest North Korean ballistic missile attack was referring to the North as a 'flagrant menace for far too long.' Trump stated, 'cannot imagine Russia is too pleased,' because the last test landed closer to Russian sea board than Japan. The Pentagon confirmed that the missile was launched at around 10:30 am Hawaii time. South Korea's Yonhap News Agency reported that ballistic traveled 435 miles. The White House confirmed that the U.S. will maintain their 'ironclad commitment' to stand by their allies against North Korea. They also added that the latest provocation should serve as a call for all nations to bring up sanctions against North Korea. 

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How do you think Russia will react to this?

Do you think that North Korea is preparing for an all out nuclear war?

How do you think the U.S. is going to handle this issue?

My Opinion:

I'm certain that Putin or some other Russian representative will have strong words with Kim Jong Un. I know now that the U.S. has the upper hand against North Korea because North Korea doesn't have a functioning Intercontinental Ballistic Missile (ICBM) that can reach the United States. We have hundreds of long range missiles that we could use against them. North Korea is striving to finally create an ICBM to turn the odds in their favor. Once they do this we will be in a "if you shoot me, I shoot you" situation with them like we were with the USSR during the Cold War.

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  • 1. I think Russia will be upset. I think that they might try to fight back or make sure that nothing bad happens to them.

    2. I believe that North Korea is trying to take control over other countries. I think they'll do whatever it takes to have complete power.

    3. Well, i think that the U.S is going to start planning more defenses and better security. I think that we're going to be ready for war in case that breaks out.

  • Well they might freak out just a bit to be stuck in the middle of something that does not even involve them. I think they are just kinda trying to scare us at the moment but maybe the could start one. They might just show the power that we do have to kinda scare them off until something does really happen 

  • war is how they will react that would most likely include us as well. Join russia and execute north korrea by bombing it because they don't kknow how to do anything else.

    Most likley but what provoked them is what im wandering.

  • One thing that President Trump has been trying to do is talk with the diplomatic leaders of both Russia and China, some of North Korea Allies in trade. He wants to get them to stop trading the resources that North Korea needs to produce ballistics. By doing this, North Korea won't have an ICBM and won't be able to point the gun at the US.

  • I think they won't react that much, they probably don't care too much. I think they are preparing for war, that's all they care about. I hope we can handle it, whatever we have to do in my opinion to prevent them from getting a missile that can kill millions of Americans is worth it.

  • i honestly don't know how they will respond. i think they are trying to get some but we could blow them out of the water. i think that trump is going to take action. 

    • Yes, I agree, Trump probably will do something. He drew the line with chemical weapons in Syria, and maybe he'll do the same with nukes in Korea. Hopefully it gets fixed.

  • I doubt Russia will care all that much. North Korea is not hostile to Russia and Russia is not interested in doing America any favors. Yes I think North Korea is posturing like they are ready for war, but really they probably know they would get crushed. I don't know how we will handle it, but hopefully they give up their missiles and nukes peacefully, otherwise it might get really scary in the future.

    • Yes I agree. Right now North Korea has been flexing their vast arms of short to medium range missiles, but they don't have what they really need, an ICBM. That's all that is keeping them from nuking South Korea and Japan, because if they do so we will retaliate.

      • If they get an ICBM, that would be very bad, because then they could legitimately threaten us, and that is not a position we want to be in. Hopefully they realize that shooting a missile at us or our allies would just get themselves blown up in return.

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