Girl dies in British theme park Accident

             An 11-year-old girl on a school trip died after she fell from a water ride at a UK theme park, local police have confirmed. The incident happened at the Splash Canyon ride at Drayton Manor theme park, north of Birmingham, Staffordshire Police said.

          Bryan added that staff were alerted when the girl fell into the water. "The theme park staff tried to help her and an air ambulance airlifted her to a hospital nearby," he said.  The girl, a student at the Jameah Academy in Leicester, was on a school visit to the park when the incident occurred. The school released a statement confirming that the year 6 student had died. The park would remain closed Wednesday "as a mark of respect to the family," a statement on the park's Facebook page said. It did not specify how long the ride in question would be suspended.
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1. Do you think it was the park staff careless that the girl fell? And why?
2. Was it enough punishment for the ride to be suspended? why and why not?
3. Would you take a child to this park to ride a water ride?
I think It was the staff careless because they have to make sure that the girl was in a good secured positioned before making her ride the thingy, and after all she was so little she needed much attention towards her. I think it was enough punishment for the ride to be suspended because they feel bad about it and they have learnt their lesson considering the accident. The staffs in to be more extra careful to kids. I won't take a child to ride it again.

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  • I don't think they where careless because they did try to help and they shut down the park even after it happened I don't think it would be enough people die on amusement rides every now and then but if it happens multiple times then it would be  yes because I feel that this happened for 2 reasons the staff didn't make sure the she was strapped in well enough or the girl didn't listen to the rules and tried to get out of the ride.

  • I would believe that the girl did something to cause it but i would have hoped the staff were more cautious. the park should put more safely measures into place to prevent this. Honestly I probably would as long as i the safety measures were up to date and the child didn't leave my sights.      

  • 1. i do not believe it was the staffs fault, being that the girl was young she could have possibly have not been following the rules and did something wrong in order for her to fall.

    2. i think that the people who work at the park should take precautions and check out the ride to make sure that nothing bad actually happened to make her fall out. it should be closed until further investigation. 

    3. i wouldn't take my child to this theme park until i know that the staff checked it all out good and made sure that everything was safe

  • I think that it is partially because of the park staff because they didn't secure her properly, but she also could have been the reason she fell due to her maybe being careless and not following guidelines. I don't think it is necessarily a punishment to suspend the ride, but it is necessary so the park can make sure all the safety procedures are proper. I would still take a child to this park to ride rides because the probability of this happening is not a good chance.

  • 1. I think that it's the staffs problem because if they had checked and secured each person, this wouldn't have happened. Even if she was so small, they shouldn't have let her ride.

    2. I believe that if the staff learned their lesson and will start taking more careful attention, then that's enough.

    3. I would, if it were safe enough. If it's safe then I would but not this ride.

  • Well kinda they could have at least caught a glimpse and thought something was up but not to blame her falling in on them. Yeah just to fix and put safety things up so this does not happen again 

  • I think that the staff could have taken more precautions to prevent something like this from happening. I think that closing the park temporarily is the right thing to do. Maybe they can add more safety features so that this doesn't happen again.

  • Well its their fault to but mainly the parents fault for not paying attention or going up there with them. They should probably make it into a full tube so that way the people cant fall out. I would say fix it.

  • they should have made sure she was in there properly. i think so because it could have been a malfunction. i would take them because its fun stuff and they would have a good time  

  • No I don't. Unless the ride wasn't maintained and the fence broke or something, it was unfortunately probably the girl's fault. I think it was just a good idea to close the park for respect and to make the place safer to try to avoid accidents in the future. Yeah, I think I would take my kid to this park because the odds of something like this happening are probably less than you dying in a car crash.

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