Every couple of years, I like to ask students to fill out a teacher evaluation. Most of what I do in my classes is based on feedback from students over the years. I truly appreciate student's opinions, both positive and negative, and actually use them to make myself a better teacher and my classroom a better place to learn.

Please try to comment on things we do in class such as forum posts/leaders, weekly blogs, groups tests, verbal tests, projects, etc. when answering the questions below. If you would prefer to email me directly instead of commenting here, that is fine as well.

1. What did you enjoy about my class this year? What did I do well as a teacher?

2. What are some suggestions on how I could improve myself as a teacher or my class in general? Please be honest as this is where most of what I currently do has come from.

3. My two biggest goals as a teacher is to be fair and consistent to everyone and show passion in what I do each and every day. Do you feel like I have accomplished those two goals this year? If not, please explain.

4. Do you prefer when I lead class or when it is more student project based? 

Also, if you have time, head on over to Rate My Teacher and rate me there as well. I am currently at a 4.61/5.00 which is great!

Thanks for your comments!!

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  • I really enjoy the energy in the room. You are always upbeat and happy. I also enjoy the way you as in, the blogging and such. The one thing I have struggled with is how fast you move. You go through a lot of information very quickly and sometimes I do get lost. Other that that, you cover the information just fine, I'm just a little slow...I also feel that you are a very fair teacher. You answer my questions when I ask and everyone else's. I also love the music aspect. It shows that you also do other things beside just teach which is nice. Some teachers just teach, teach, teach, and that can get annoying. You show that you actually have a life outside of school. I do like student leadership, but in a history class, I think the teacher should be more present. You achieve this by eventually going over everything with us, while letting students do their part. 

  • In your class I enjoyed the environment you set. I like how everyday you have energy and that seems to spread to us students so that class isn't so boring or dull. I also like that you play music as the beginning of class everyday because that's a good way to start class. As a teacher, you did a great job of, well, teaching! I like power points a lot to study from so I'm very glad that you presented the information that way. I also think the podcasts saved my grade most of the time! Personally, I hate memorizing information and so it was difficult to memorize all of those things about history on a 140 slide power point. Maybe if you hit some main topics and went more in depth on those rather than skimming through a bunch of material. Yes, I absolutely think you accomplished those two goals. I see that you are fair among all the students. And like I mentioned before, you show passion everyday by your energy and joyous spirit, so thank you for that! It's not fun having a teacher who isn't passionate about what they are teaching. I enjoy when you lead class because then it is more driven and goal orientated. 

  • This was a fun class and I really enjoyed it. I loved coming into class and there's always music playing and it wasn't all the same. I liked that you reminded us of our tests and form posts often even though I still forgot. You gave us different ways that might help us study better for our tests. I think you accomplished every goal. You were very fair to all of us. I prefer when you lead the class. You always know what you are talking about and did a good job at explaining all the topics to us. 

  • I liked it because you always knew what was going on in the world most the time I'm clueless. You always remind us to make sure we have our homework done and reminding us of upcoming map tests. Honestly I would have all map tests done in groups of four because then you wouldn't be so nervous but still know all of them. Yes I think you maintained those goals all throughout the year. I like when you lead the class because I feel like I learn better from you than other students projects. 

    • Hmmmm. Interesting point on the map tests.

  • I really like how you play music everyday before class. I like how you teach in depth and make power points and podcasts to study. I really liked the class, I won't change anything. I think you treated everyone the same and keep everything fair. I like both, because I like taking notes because they help me understand more when I type them, and I like doing the projects because it is fun to research different events.

  • I really enjoyed this class because it is very fun and it's  a class I look forward to everyday. You know what you are talking about and you're always open to new topics to discuss. One thing that could be improved is making the form post worth less points. I like doing form posts because they are interesting to learn all the currents events happening around the world. The only thing I didn't like about them was, it's  just hard to find time for them. Another thing I enjoyed was how we did the group tests because you didn't have to do it all by yourself and if someone got it wrong you still got the opportunity to get the points. I think you did very well this year with how you teach. You are very passionate about the topics we cover and overall it is a very fun class. I like when you lead the class, but working with other students on projects is fun too. I feel like presentations are easier to do in your class because you make them fun.

  • I enjoyed the class mostly because of group tests and the presentations. The group tests made testing a lot easier and less stressful. I like that you know that it's hard to remember exact details about history and don't give out much homework, if not none at all. I don't have any suggestions because the class if fun and easy. There's nothing that I don't like about the class. Forum posts and such can be a hassle at times but that's nothing we can't handle. You are really enthusiastic and make the class fun. It's not boring when you talk and you make it easier to pay attention. I like when you lead the class because I'm learning a lot but student projects are also good. Getting to work on presentation skills is a great part of your class. 

  • I enjoyed this year of World History because I love History and I learned a lot f new things thins year during the course. You have been an amazing teacher because you make the course fun with your enthusiasm and passion for history. You are one of the most unbiased teachers and person that I've ever meet. You lead the class very well and you engage other students in the class to further better their understanding and knowledge of the criteria. I love history. I love your class. Your history classes have been the easiest and funnest classes that I've had in high school so far. You are one of the best teachers that I've ever had.

  • I enjoyed the things that I got to learn from the students and from the teacher about the history of America, especially the group verbal tests for helping each other out. I think you should continue to do what you are doing but I would like to suggest that tell the students if US history books are available or not. I think you have been fair to everybody, by listening every students thoughts and that is a good thing. 

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