Deadly diseases are making a comeback

These days it's easy to believe that diseases don't exist. The readily available stream of medicines and vaccines make it seem like any illness can be simply cured with a pill or medication. Recently some deadly illnesses are being brought back. With the current trend of ice melting from global warming, diseases are being released from the ice. The illnesses are coming from infected bodies of people and animals that were frozen in the ice and are now melting out. A lot of scientists are concerned about this being a problem because these diseases are uncommon or eradicated so there aren't always cures.

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What do you think about global warming? 

What do you think of these newly released illnesses?

I think it's pretty scary that these diseases are being released again since we don't have vaccines for some of them. Global warming is a huge problem and we need to stop it or at least help. If this doesn't get people to do something I don't know what will.

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  • I am not sure whether man effects global warming but something is happening that I fully believe most likely a earthly cycle . I believe these diseases don't pose much threat unless it appears in a highly populated area or possibly used as a weapon by terrorists.    

  • I think global warming is a problem in the world, but it is mostly a natural event that happens on Earth, but it is being accelerated by humans and causing it to be a bigger problem than it should be. I think the new illnesses could be very dangerous but scientists are most likely going to be able to defeat the diseases.

  • I believe that global warming is steadily becoming a worse problem for the world. Now if it is releasing diseases it makes it only worse, and like you mentioned above there isn't always going to be a cure because these disease could be hundreds of years old and extinct.

  • its not good i think its bad that its melting and what not. its kinda scary because some of them we haven't seen for years. 

  • I think global warming could definitely be a naturally occurring thing, because it has happened before, however, the speed and intensity of the warming is definitely caused by humans and is changing lots of things on the planet. I think any diseases are very bad, although I kind of wonder how a disease could survive in the ice for that long and then somehow get out and infect people.

  • I think global warming is a huge problems and its a pressing matter that we need to try to reduce. I think that its terrible but I think it will be ok if we can contain it and help the people that got sick.

    • I agree that global warming is bad. I just don't like the idea of living on a hotter planet. Hopefully it can get toned down a bit before the problem gets way too out of control.

  • The way i see it, Global warming has been going on for eons, its not a big deal, so why make it such a big deal? These newly released diseases can be life threatening, yes, but people who live near the icy regions would be affected, right? And global warming cant be stopped, because it has been going on for ages.  

    • The planet has natural warming and cooling cycles. Remember the ice age? The big deal is mainly how fast the planet is warming, because it leaves no time for species to adapt, and so they go extinct, and that is bad for humans, because we rely on the life around us to stay alive.

    • It is has been going on for a long time so I don't know why people are making such a big deal about it. I agree it can't really be stopped. I think people around the icy regions will be affected the most. 

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