Will Cryptocurrency Replace Money?

What is cryptocurrency? Cryptocurrency is a digital currency and a lot of people wonder if it will replace fiat money. The first successful cryptocurrency was made in 2009 by Satoshi Nakamoto. A lot of people were not comfortable and confuse when this was made. But as years pass they have made more and different types of cryptocurrency. And cryptocurrencies are increasing in popularity and a lot of people are using crypto instead of money.


In 2021 35% of Americans were comfortable using crypto. And stores now have the option to use crypto to buy stuff. Elon Musk the creator of Telsa once had an option that you could buy a Telsa with crypto. As the popularity of crypto rise more things are being made. They now have ATMs, cards, and banks that are crypto. Also, NFT which is a non-fungible token is a piece of digital art that increases in value because it's a one-of-one.  


But the top US Banks say that crypto will not replace money because the government will have to regulate cryptocurrency just like they do with money. And a lot of people agree with this because it will be impossible to replace fiat currency. But Elon Musk says “If you want to speculate and have some fun - there’s a good chance that crypto is the future currency of Earth.” he said. 


In my opinion, I think that crypto will replace cash since now more things are being created and it is now getting regulated by the government.


Do you think crypto will be our future currency?


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  • I think that it will take over money, but in the very distant future. You can see that mobile banking apps are becoming more and more popular, and people are paying more with cards or their phones, but there are still people who pay with cash. Nowadays you don't see many people who write checks  (besides paychecks) and it is becoming less and less as more people use other technological devices. I think that it would take around 50+ year before we are fully done with cash and checks.

  • Yes and no. I believe there will be both, like it is now. I believe many people will continue using money on there mobile phones, but then again I believe that people will continue to pay in perosn with cash. Personally I like cash becuase you dont have to worry about it declining like a credic card or like cash app or pay pal would. So yeah I believe they will both continue to stay around.

    • I agree I think that we just use both of them. I think it depends on the person whether or not they like using crypto.

  • I personally don't think that it will replace the currency that we have today but I do think it will become more popular, especially in the future.

    • i agree because it is getting popular but if people don't use it we just keep on using money.

  • I think that the impact of crypto currency will grow in the future, but I don't think that it will completely replace bills. I would be hard because there needs to be some kind of regulations which comes from the government. Otherwise I think that it would be difficult to have a strong and working economy.

  • I think in the years ahead cryptocurrency will become more popular and lots of people will use it. Although, I don't think that everyone will use it because some people just like having cash on them. I don't think that enough people will want to go through with change to crypto from cash.  

  • In my personal opinion, I do not think that cryptocurrency will ever fully replace our current monetary system. I do not think that it is nearly secure enough, being that it is fully digital. I aslo do not see a large portion of the population, particularly the older demographic, accepting this total new system.

  • I think that there may be a chance that crypto-currency could replace money in these days.  Some people have already invested in a ton of crypto-currency things like bit-coin, USD-coin and there are hundreds of other more crypto-currency's.

  • I don't think that crypto will be our future currency, mainly because that is a big change. We have been using paper money and change for a long time and I can see how many people would be against it. However, it would be easier to use and you wouldn't have to worry about loosing your money. 

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