What is happening with malls?

Malls have been a popular hang out place among teens since the 1960's.  That was only four years after Victor Gruen made a model of what a mall would look like and had the first one built. By 1975 shopping malls contributed to 33% of retail businesses' money. By 1992 malls were at their peak of popularity and the malls were contributing to over half of the money retail businesses were making. So when did it all go wrong? Because, malls are starting to shut down because businesses/retailers are not getting the money they need to keep the doors open. It all started to become less popular in 2008 when online shopping websites started to get more popular. So when people started to shop online the businesses inside the malls don't have money the mall tends to try to find other businesses to move in. Since a lot of businesses are switching to online or just going bankrupt the malls do not have the money to keep their doors open. But why is that? It could be the fact that when everyone was in lock down for covid 19 and businesses were making more money online, or it could be that the businesses were drowning in debt trying to keep there doors open.  A lot of businesses switched to online during covid in the hope they might make more money because they don't have to pay the mall to be there and because businesses were on lock down.  


What do you think would help malls to get more people to shop there?


When was the last time you went to a mall?


Do you think malls should stay open and why?

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  • I think that dressing rooms would really help malls. Since COVID, a lot of them have been closed. It is really frustrating having to buy something you can't try on in-store. I feel like that is causing people to buy online since you can't try the clothes on either way. I think that malls are really awesome and I hope that they stay open. 

  • I think that having all dressing rooms open would help more people go because when you shop online yout can't try anything on, along with having no masks and less fear. I personaly like malls but I don't go shopping often but I don't remember how long ago I went to one. I hope that malls stay open but I am not sure if they can.

  • I think that shootings are a much bigger issue than just the retailing issues. I think that's why a lot of people don't go to malls, and why these people aren't getting enough business and have to close down. I went to the mall about a month ago, and I think they should stay open.

  • I think malls are always busy when go I go about once a month and I have fun I love shopping at malls I would rather do that than shop online because then I could find the right size and everything. there is noting they can do about it I bet it will get better over time.

  • I think that malls should get more atractions so people won't be bored. I went to the mall last week it was fun to hang out with family and walking around in the mall. They should stay open because it's a fun place to go with your friends and hang out.

  • i haven't been to mall of American but I don't think that we need more than one mall in a city because then it's just too many malls 

  • The last time I went to a mall was probably Mall of America like 2 years ago. Other than that, I do not go to malls very often. I think that there should be like 1 big mall per city just because I don't really mind malls that much.

  • I think that they should stay open I think that some people are remodeling or something and they don't get a lot of people coming. I think I went to the mall maybe a month ago. I think that malls would be able to get them more because they would update their stores and stuff.

  • I think that malls should stay open. Personally I like malls because its fun to get outside instead of shop online and a lot of the stores are all in one spot. I have been to a mall recently but the last time I went to a mall it was Jordan Creek Mall about 2 months ago.

  • I think malls could get more poeple to go to them if other comoneys that the mall has were ferther away. The last time I went to a mall was about one and a half years ago becasue they are ferther away and I can get anything online.

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