What is a better pet Cat or Dog

            There is a lot of debate on what is the better pet cat or dog. There has been a lot of research done with this topic too. The research that I got says that more owners have dogs than cats. Is that because Dogs are easy to care for, or are dogs just in that area more. 

            I think that dogs are a better pet. You do not have to worry about cleaning or changing cat litter, and they both need food/ water. I think that dogs are a better pet because you can throw a ball and most of the time the dog will bring it back unlike a cat. Also dogs are better pets because they can do a lot more tricks than cats can.

What pet do you think is better, cats or dogs?


Do you like any other pets other than cats and dogs or do you have any pets?







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  • In my opinion dogs are a better pet than cats because they are more friendly and give you company. There is also trained dogs for blind people or company dogs for people that need it so it is proven that they can be like a real human friend and help you in the same way. I personally don't have any pet 

    • I agree Dogs are better pets then cats, dogs can do more tricks, run faster, bark at random stuff. Dogs you can teach them where then can go and not go. and dogs can just be left out side and they can take care of them selves for a while.

  • Personally, I like dogs more than cats. But I also grew up with dogs and never really had a cat. I think that both kind of animals require work and you should think about it before getting a pet. You have to take the dogs out, so they can have enough exercise. I feel like a dog "understands" you more than a cat does. 

    • I agree I like dogs more than cats, they are more fun to hang around and you can do more tricks and stuff overalll with them. I have almost allways had farm cats outside but never a indoor cat to do stuff with. But even if I did dogs are better.

  • I personally like dogs more than cats. Cats are definitely not an animal I tend to care for. Both of these animals definitely need a lot of attention and care, it seems to be cats require a little more care than dogs. Dogs are usually more friendly with people and do not care that much if someone touches them. On the other hand, I think that cats are more "feisty" and like "jumpy" at people. 

    • I agree I like dogs more than cats, I have had a bad cat at the farm house who kept attacking me so I really don't like cats. I do like dogs and at my dads house their was a stray dog who walked right up to me and not we have that dog as a pet after making sure the dog was not anybodys else.

  • I have 3 cats and 1 dog, and honestly its a lot to deal with. You have to change the kitty litter, and let the dog out every hour. Sometimes my dog runs away, so I don't know about anybody else dog. I mean, yes it's a lot but, it part of life and I love my animals because their fluffy, soft, and energetic. 

    • I agree haveing animals is a lot to deal with but in the long run they are a lot of fun to have and hang around. I have never had my dog run away or anything like that but I have had friends dogs run away. I also love having animals in my life but mostly dogs.

  • I like dogs better because they are cut and fluffy. Dogs  are not afraid of water like cats making them easier to hang out in any weather conditions. I personally have 3 dogs.

    • I also like dogs, I think that they are fluffy too, I agree dogs are not afraid of water and when giving them showers that is a lot easier. I love playing with my dog outside and if it snows my dogs loves that and makes it more fun to hang out with him.

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