What is a better pet Cat or Dog

            There is a lot of debate on what is the better pet cat or dog. There has been a lot of research done with this topic too. The research that I got says that more owners have dogs than cats. Is that because Dogs are easy to care for, or are dogs just in that area more. 

            I think that dogs are a better pet. You do not have to worry about cleaning or changing cat litter, and they both need food/ water. I think that dogs are a better pet because you can throw a ball and most of the time the dog will bring it back unlike a cat. Also dogs are better pets because they can do a lot more tricks than cats can.

What pet do you think is better, cats or dogs?


Do you like any other pets other than cats and dogs or do you have any pets?







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    • I think that dogs are better because they do a lot more stuff then cats. For example they play fetch and they run with you but all cats do it sit aroud and per. That is why I perefer dogs over cats. Also dogs can lay by you and cats just sit around.

  • I think that dogs are better pets because I think they're more playful than cats. I also think that dogs are better than cats because I live in a house full of dogs. Another reason why dogs are better is because they can go hunting with you. I also think that dogs are smarter than cats.

    • I agree you can play fetch with dogs and you can run with them. Dogs are way better because they do a lot more stuff then cats. I personally prefer dogs because I think they do more and that makes them a better pet.

    • I agree dogs are better pets because they bring you toys when they want to play and cats don't do that. Dogs lay by you and jump on you but cats don't do that. I personally think that dogs are a way better pet overall and cats will have to do a lot more if they want to be better.

  • I think dogs are better pets because you can actually tell if they love you or not. You never see a cat jumping up on you or bringing you toys to play with them. Cats are usually sleeping or hiding somewhere. They are also mostly mean. When you put your hand remotely close to them they will start hissing and swiping at your hand. Cats don't sit at the door waiting hours for your return, they go and do their own thing.

    • I agree dogs are way better they can sense when somthing is wrong and they will give you licks if they really love their owner. I also have never seen a cat jump on sombody or near sombody just to get attention. But I think overall dogs are better.

  • I think it depends on what your interests are. If you enjoy running or being outdoors you will probably like a dog more. However, if you like to hang around the house or if you just dont like dogs, you would be more of a cat person. Im personally both, I cant remember a time I didnt have a dog but I also love cats and their easier to take care of. Cats really do their own thing you just have to change the litter. Dogs require more attention and time and depending on the breed will need a lot of exercise. 

    • I agree It does depend on people interests and hobbys because if you like playing frizbe then a dog is perfect for you but if you dont and like to sit around then A cat would be more for that person. But personally I perfer dogs.

  • I am a dog person.  I own two German Shorthaired pointers.  Dogs are better pets because they can do things for you.  My dogs are upland game dogs which means that they hunt upland birds. They are very good at finding and pointing to birds. They are also very good family dogs.

    • I am Also A dog person. I think that dogs are way better than cats because they can do a lot of tricks like sittting, shaking, role over. I think that dogs are better becasue they can help people hunt and other activites like helping blind people ect.

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