Warren Buffett worth $100 billion

                 The 90-year-old Warren Buffett has added nearly $13 billion to his net worth this year as shares in his industrial and insurance conglomerate have risen up quite a bit. While Buffett has just gotten the $100 billion mark, he's still a long way behind the world's richest person, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, who is worth $180 billion, according to Bloomberg. Bezos has been trading the title with Tesla CEO Elon Musk, who's now worth $173 billion as shares in his electric car making company go down from recent losses. 

                 Buffett is a notable philanthropist, having said that he was to give away 99 percent of his fortune to philanthropic causes, primarily the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation. Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway suffered a 77% drop in earnings during Q3 2008 and several of his later deals suffered large mark to market loss.  He received an option to buy three billion shares of GE stock, at $22.25, over the five years following the agreement, and Buffett also received a 10% dividend. Dividend stocks are basically a stock with a well known company with a very good record of distributing earning back to the shareholders.8656838855?profile=RESIZE_710x1. Do you think that he could become the richest man before he dies?

2. Do you think that what he is doing with his money is a good decision?

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  • I personally don't think he will become the richest man before he dies. There are younger people making a lot aswell and are close behind him. Even if he were to be the richest man alive, it wouldn't be for long. I think he is a very smart man and is being smart about what he does with his money. 

  • I do not think that Bill Gates will become the richest man before he dies. Like it said in the article, Jeff Bezos is the richest man currently, and since Amazon is doing well right now is not looking like there growth is going to slow down. I think that what Bill Gates is going to with his money is a good idea.

  • I don't think he has enough time to overcome Elon Musk or Jeff Bezos. The only way I see this happening is if both Musk and Bezos lose a large portion of their fortune. I think that it is a very noble cause to give away most of his money that he worked so hard to get. 

  • I don't think so because he is so old. If he was younger I would say that it is possible but I doubt it. I just think that Jeff Bezos is too far ahead of him. I don't really care what he does with his money. He made it so he can choose to spend it the way he wants. I also don't know much information on him so I can't judge a bunch.

  • I don't know enough about to say wether or not I think he's going to become the richest man before he dies. I think that the way he chose to spend his money is a good decision, he's using his fortune to help other people that are in need which I think it's a great way to use your money.

  • I don't think that he will be the richest man before he dies just because of his age. Jeff bezos is younger compared to Warren so he has a lot longer to increase his money. I personally don't care too much about what he is doing with his money but I think it would be good to give some of it to charity.

  • I think that if he is smart with his money then that is good for him. He is so rich that it would be very very hard for him to run out of money unless he tried to buy the government or something which would be impossible.

  • i personally think that he could become the richest man before he dies but then he could not because the other people are also making money if he wants to become the riches man he will have to start making money faster than he is right now. im not quite sure.

  • The chances of him being the richest man before he dies is very low, but it is possible. The way he spends his money is what every billionaire or millionaire should do. They grow their company and they give it back to the people who need it the most. When he dies, he might not know it, he will help future entrepreneurs get a start.

  • I don't think that he will become the richest man before he dies, I think that title will belong solely to Elon Musk for a long time now. I am not familiar with the organizations that he is donating his money to. So it is not really me to judge him. 

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