Tiktok is an app where people make many different types of videos to entertain people that watch. Tiktok is a very used app for everyone in this world. everyone uses it and there are many famous people on tiktok. It was called musically before it was renamed to tiktok. its been around for many years. A couple years ago Donald Trump tried to ban tiktok in America because the Chinese were spying on us. Donald trump could not finalize the ban on tiktok and everyone kept on using it. Tiktok is now under another cercomstance of getting banned again. Joe Biden wants to either buy out the Chinese company or put a ban on this app because of national security concerns. 

If America does buy out the company everyone will be using it without anyone supposedly spying on us. If Biden does ban the app we will never see tiktok again on anyones phone because of the ban. Biden thinks hes protecting us from the chinese when all anyones doing is just watching short funny videos.

In my opinion I don't think we should ban tiktok. I don't think the chinese are spying on us through tiktok. I think if we ban tiktok a lot of people will be mad and upset.


why would the Chinese be spying on us through tiktok?

Do you use the tiktok app if so how long a day?



cite- https://www.cnn.com/2023/03/18/tech/tiktok-ban-explainer/index.html



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  • There was, what was theorized as a "chinese spy balloon", why would they do that? I'm not saying that's what it was, but there was some people who thought that and why would they do that? If people thought that's what they were doing then they have a reason that they think China would spy on us so it would be the same for Tiktok. I also don't have Tiktok.

  • It is possible that the chinese are spying on us through tiktok. They are obviously trying to spy on us because of the situation with the balloons. I don't even have the tiktok app because it is a waste of time and I don't want China to be spying on me if that is actually true.

    • I don't think the chinese are spying on us.

  • I love tiktok and I think even if we get rid of it they can still stalk us and they don't ask for too much personal stuff ao it doesn't matter it is kinda stumped yes I use tik tok and I use it for about 4 hours a day. it isn't my most used app though.

  • I don't think that the Chinese are spying on us through TikTok because I think it is a myth and the Chinese are trying to scare us. I usually try to reduce of use it but I use it when I'm bored or have nothing to do during the day and some of them are fun and some are cool.

    • I agree

  • i don't thing that the Chinese are spying on us through TikTok also I think that it is just a myth and people are just trying to scare others around the world I think if you want to resolve this problem just not be on TikTok as long as people usually are

  • I don't think that the Chinese are spying on us through TikTok, and I think that's just a myth people are trying to use to scare us. To either reduce your usage of your phone, or for attention. I'm on TikTok quite frequently, everyday for about an hour.

  • I think that there is a possibility of the Chinese spying on us. I would not put it past them. It would be a great way to spy on us because most of the United States population is on TikTok. I use TikTok, but not as much as most people. I try to keep my total usage down.

    • I think its possible but they could be doing way more than that. why would they keep spying through tiktok when everyone is talking about it. it would not make sense to spy on tiktok if America already thinks that.

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