The Dark Side to Social Media

TW: Suicide, self-harm, and Eating Disorder


On average, teens are online almost nine hours a day, not including time for homework. They spend the majority of their online time scrolling through social media not thinking of the risks they could be taking by accidentally clicking on the wrong tab. Multiple studies have found a strong link between heavy social media and an increased risk for depression, anxiety, loneliness, self-harm, and even suicidal thoughts. This could also lead to very bad cases of cyberbullying. It is said that about 16 percent of students in grades 9–12 experienced cyberbullying. 


Don’t get me wrong social media can be a very fun place to meet new people and chat with friends I too enjoy social media at times, but it can also be extremely dangerous for younger viewers. If you search in the wrong spot you can find accounts that influence eating disorders such as Anorexia. There are also accounts that in a way influence depression and anxiety. As you can see when it comes down to it social media isn’t always a place of sunshine and rainbows. I think that it is time more people pay attention to this instead of ignoring it like it doesn’t matter.


In my opinion, social media may seem like a place where people can be themselves, but sometimes that is just not the case. I think that there should be more people figuring out ways to fix the problems with social media so that it is safer for everyone. No parents should have to witness their children hurting themselves for the likes they get on social media.



Do you think people should pay more attention to the dangers of social media?


What are some things that people should do to help fix these dangers?


What is your overall opinion on social media?



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  • I think that social media is a good thing and a bad thing. I think that kids can not be kids when it is around I think it is nice to see what family and friends are up to. Also I feel like if you mess up or make a mistake and its on their you life can get ruined.

  • Yes, I think more people should pay more attention to the dangers of social media. Because the beauty standered is horrible anymore. If your not under a certain weigh or height your considered ugly/gross. I think life would be so much better if there was just no social media at all. 

    • I partially agree if there were less social media it would be better but none at all I'm not so sure.

  • I do think that people should be more aware of what they post or comment on social media because their actions can have a bad repercussion. In my opinions there should be ads or videos for people to watch and be aware of the dangers. I think social media can be very good but also has danger which we have to be consious of.

  • I think that social media can be a dangerous place for people. More people need to pay much more attention to what they are posting and saying on the internet. I think that in our generation, everything anyone does revolves around social media and many people want to be who they see on the internet. This is definitely not good for anyone. Social media makes many people insecure and want to change who they are. Everyone's lives seem perfect when you see them on the internet but outside of it, we all know they aren't. I think that people shouldn't feel the need to be like all these models and famous people because it doesn't do you any good. 

  • Social media is a good and bad thing. Social media can be used for good and bad. I think it depends on what you are using it for. Social can make some people feel insecure since there are many models and other people living the best life.

  • Social media is already a terrifying thing people can see where you are and get your address it is somewhat weird I think that people should pay more attention to this and not add random people on snap chat that they don't know anything about them. There isn't anything anyone can do what has been done can't be undone.

  • I think that social media can be a very toxic place for some peope. Social media likes to tell people how their body should look like and how they should act. This can cause teenagers to get eating disorders or other things that can cause harm to their body. Some teens think they aren't good enough because social media gives them that idea.

  • I really like the whole concept of social media, but I also think it has caused teens to become insecure. You see the Instagram models and perfect lives on social media and you wonder why that can't be you. It is hard seeing some people as so perfect, it can really damage your mental health. I feel like social media should be changed, I like the Instagram feature where you can't see the number of likes. Social media needs to be more positive. 

    • I agree a lot of people's insecurities are caused by social media.

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