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This week is ISASP week which means lots of testing. High school students in general don’t like these tests, and they can cause lots of stress and mental problems. But the real question is do these tests that we take every spring even affect us? Do we, as the students, really need to take these tests to see how well we are learning?


Both sides of this argument for and against standardized testing have lots to say. First let's look at for standardized testing. Lots of people say that standardized testing helps students and teachers. This can help teachers by telling them what they need to do better next year for teaching. With students, this can tell them what classes they might have struggled in. Another way they could help students is they can see how they learn the best and from whom. Students can see where their strengths and weaknesses are in school and how to work with and around those to excel in academics.


But on the other hand, these tests that take at least an hour or more for most students and can cause lots of stress and might not even give adequate data. When taking these tests, students can possibly get anxious or stressed because they put a lot of pressure on themselves to do well. They can have test anxiety  and this can make the data skewed, which would mean that there is no point in even taking them. Because we aren’t given good data this would mean that every year they aren’t teaching the right things to students.


In my opinion we should have some sort of testing but not standardized tests. I believe that they don’t do much for our education and there are other ways that students can get adequate data to better their learning experience. Such as: giving sample questions, this way students don’t have to take hour long tests. This would give better results and data for the states to teach us better. Another way could be just looking at students grades throughout the year.


Do you think that these tests help us learn better?

Would you rather take sample tests or standardized test?

Do you think that your ISASP score reflects how well you are learning?

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    • I think that the tests for most students are stressful. This can cause them to not do their best, and this could make it so that they never get into the advanced category, or even proficient. And then thinking about kids who might be behind in a class, they won't know anything that they're supposed to.

  • I don't think that these tests are helping us learn better. It would be much nicer if students only had to take short tests that still show a general idea of what they know, but not as long or in depth. I think that the ISASP scores partially show how much you are learning. The reason that they don't is because these tests are long and sometimes difficult and students get intimidated by that. Then, they don't do as well on the tests becasuse they are stressed.

    • I don't think that they help us learn either, I think the idea of short test with generic information would help teachers know better what to teach us. We wouldn't have to go as in depth like you said but they could still help us when looking into our future learning.

  • I don't think that these tests are helping us learn better that much. They help determine which classes we qualify for and whether we need help or not with certain subjects. However, I think that there should be more than just these tests to determine what classes we take in our future. Some people just get stressed and completely bomb these tests.

    • I think they can help students see what subjects they need help on as well. And I agree that there should be other ways to test, but not long standardized tests. These cause stress and like you said could make it so that some students don't do well on a lot of them.

  • I don't think they help us students out very much. They seem to only help the school know what we have remembered or not remembered over the years. I would much rather take a much shorter and more simple test, than a  big and long standardized one. I don't think that it really reflects how we are learning it just shows how well or not-well we do on tests. Many students do not ever do very well on tests but in the class know what they are doing. 

    • I think that it can help the schools see what they need to teach next year. But you also have to think about if the data is accurate. Because if it isn't than the school is just getting data that they can't do anything with. Evidence from not having good data, is kids can get nervous when taking these tests and then won't preform as well as they normally would.

  • I don't think they help us learn better, it's supposed to show if the teachers are doing their jobs, but I haven't seen any change in teaching techniques. I think it would be much more simple to just to sample tests, it would be more efficient. I don't think it truly reflects what you've learned because many people learn and hold onto information differently.

    • I think you are right, the test are suppose to help teachers change how they teach to help students learn. But I feel, with you, that they do what they know best when teaching, but that doesn't mean that it's the best way neccesarily to teach new students.

  • I dont think these tests benifit us, they only benifit the school. I dont think we should have to take them because some people dont do well on test but know their stuff. I think that this does not benefit us and we should not have to do the standarized testing.

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