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This week is ISASP week which means lots of testing. High school students in general don’t like these tests, and they can cause lots of stress and mental problems. But the real question is do these tests that we take every spring even affect us? Do we, as the students, really need to take these tests to see how well we are learning?


Both sides of this argument for and against standardized testing have lots to say. First let's look at for standardized testing. Lots of people say that standardized testing helps students and teachers. This can help teachers by telling them what they need to do better next year for teaching. With students, this can tell them what classes they might have struggled in. Another way they could help students is they can see how they learn the best and from whom. Students can see where their strengths and weaknesses are in school and how to work with and around those to excel in academics.


But on the other hand, these tests that take at least an hour or more for most students and can cause lots of stress and might not even give adequate data. When taking these tests, students can possibly get anxious or stressed because they put a lot of pressure on themselves to do well. They can have test anxiety  and this can make the data skewed, which would mean that there is no point in even taking them. Because we aren’t given good data this would mean that every year they aren’t teaching the right things to students.


In my opinion we should have some sort of testing but not standardized tests. I believe that they don’t do much for our education and there are other ways that students can get adequate data to better their learning experience. Such as: giving sample questions, this way students don’t have to take hour long tests. This would give better results and data for the states to teach us better. Another way could be just looking at students grades throughout the year.


Do you think that these tests help us learn better?

Would you rather take sample tests or standardized test?

Do you think that your ISASP score reflects how well you are learning?

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    • I think that cramming before the test is true. We normally get one day of review for this test that is supposed to tell the state what we are being taught or not. If them really want accurate data, we should be reviewing more than what we do now.

  • I don't think ISASP tests benefit us very much. I understand that we need to have some sort of test to see how much students know, but many students do poorly on the tests because they stress them out too much. Personally, I would prefer if the school could find an alternative to taking ISASP tests.

    • I agree that the school should find a alternative to ISASP but I also know that it is required by federal law. But if we could change that, I think adults should some what listen to what the students are saying. If these cause us too much stress and aren't giving accurate data, then there really isn't a point to them.

  • I do not think that standardized tests help us learn better at all. The tests are a lot of added stress for some students and I personally perform worse on computer tests than paper tests. The ISASP score doesnt reflect on how well I am learning in my opinon, I don't think these tests should be required for any student.

    • I think that is so true, some students don't preform well when they have to take a computer test versus a on paper test. Another reason, is I don't believe that the scores reflect our learning capabilities because it's only so many questions on a subject that we're supposed to know everything about.

  • I don't believe that ISASP testing is making us better. It was made to see what learning level we are at, but it doesn't actually teach us anything. I do believe that they cost students a great amount of stress. I personally would pefer not to take them.

    • I think that ISASP are supposed to see where we are at with our learning like you. But the problem is they do cause stress and this can lead to inaccurate data. Because when students are stressed they don't preform as well on tests.

  • I don't think ISASP tests help us learn better because it tests our knowledge. It doesn't teach us. I would rather take standardized tests just to see where my knowledge is at and to know what my weaker and stronger areas are.

    • I think that they don't teach us, but they're supposed to teach the teachers how to teach. But the question is, do they really help teachers change their teaching? I know a lot of teachers are comfortable with their teaching style and won't want to change it because some test said students aren't getting it.

  • I don't think that they help us from getting better. I think it should be shorter and not like a lot of questions and like taking tests on different days because some students have things that they need to do and they might want to get it done. I think the scores are pretty much setting you up for advanced or staying the same or not being proficient. I think it can be difficult for some students and I think they are a little too long.

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