nowadays, schools use technology in almost every classroom. between computers, phones, and big screens, schools use these tools to teach students. but between screens at school and at home, it adds up to lots of screen time. 

schools should use less tech and more paper and pencil assignments. students can get off their tech and interact with their peers. they can do more hands on learning and learn visually. this will not only help them interact, but also help them for a job that has a lot of interaction with people and hands on things. jobs like blue collar jobs, working in a hospital or nursing home, and helping people and doing hands on things. 

the pro of learning with technology is that our future is technology. it is now so advanced that technology is all students know. they may even learn better by doing homework on their phones or computers. some students just feel more comfortable with the fact they know so much about tech. 

another con of using technology learning is that it is very bad for people eyes. students use it so much at home and at school, that their vision could get very bad. for this, i think schools should recommend blue light glasses, or even doing the assignment on paper. 


do you think that students should use more technology at school? why or why not? 

would you prefer paper or technology assignments? 

do you think schools should avoid technology since we use so much at home?

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  • I would prefer technology assignments because I think that it is way better to learn on the computer. It wouldn't hurt using paper once in a while doesn't hurt when people use paper pencil because there are some people that also learn way better using paper and using computers.

  • No, I don't think that we should use more technology at school because it is fine how it is right now. I prefer technology assignments because I would rather type than write. I don't think schools should avoid technology because it is a very usefull tool.

  • I personally think that students should not use more technology, because i think that amount that we have access to and the amount we use is just fine. I personally prefer paper because it is easier for me to get it done.  I think that school should not change how much technology we use at school because the amount of technology we use in our free time should not effect how much we have access to at school.

  • I understnd that people want us to take advantage of our technology. However, I think that we could go back to paper and pencil a little bit more. We can have both, but students are on their computer quite often which isn't so great for the eyes.

  • I think that the reason we use technology in every class is because it is easier than having to write everything on paper. Teachers like technology more because they don't have to print off 100's of papers each day. I would rather have assignments on computers.

  • I think that technology could open new path for education at school. Think about what VR could do for education. In history class we could go back in time and see historical events. But with technology comes problems, an overreliance on technology could be detrimental. Teachers would spend less time with their students.

  • I think that it would be ok for students to use more technology at school. In the future, there is going to be much more technology, guaranteed. It depends on the subject but I would probably choose computer assignments over the paper. There are some kids that do not have any technology at home. It is probably nice for them to get the opportunity to use technology at school. Why put an "end" to it now in schools if it's going to get more advanced? 

  • I think that less screen time would be the best. I think that kids are glued to there stuff and need time to get outside and get fresh air. I drive around and I do not see any kids running aorund riding bike or being active. This is why america is fat and getting weaker. 

  • I think that this could be a great idea to limit distractions. I think that screen time is a distraction to some kids while they should be learning.  However, I think that if we limit screen time I think that the students would use their technology time for games and not for school. 

  • I think we're just going to keep using technology more and more throughout the future, so it'll be better for us to keep using technology in school to get better at using it. Wheather I prefer technology or paper more depends on the subject. I think schools should keep using technology since we're going to need it in our future.  

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