Should We Have To Do Forum Post?

I think that forum posts should not be mandatory for history because there are a lot of people who forget and it could be bad for their grades because they are out of 40 points and they are really easy to forget even with reminders. I can also see why we need them though because it is the only homework we get from the class and they are easy to do but they are still easy to forget especially with all the homework from other classes like English and math. It would also maybe be more beneficial to do less like 3 or 4 because some of the topics aren't that interesting sometimes and could be easier to write less than 5. It would also be a better idea to do weekly grading instead of getting 1 grade for 4 weeks then you get 4 different grades for 4 different weeks so if you don't do 1 week then it won't affect your grade as much if you get the rest of the weeks.


Do you think we should have a forum post? Why?

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  • I do not think that people should have to do forum post because a lot of the time they just end up damaging your grade when you forget a couple weeks. I also belive that people dont actually read the post and just look at the questions or the other comments.

  • I think that forum posts are a great way for students to share their opinions. I think that it is also preparing us high school students for the future, assuming that most people are going to college. It also improves our basic skills like reading and writing. 

    • I see where you are coming from saying that it prepares highschoolers that are going to college.

  • I do not think that forum post should be a thing because nobody actully reads what people say, they will just read there questions and the people will just answer and read the questions on the post to get a grade.

  • I think that forum post should be for every history class because it helps us state our opinions in a calm and informative way. I also think that it helps us know about things going on around us and for us to choose a side. I sometimes think that they can be too much because if you are in two of his classes you have to reply back to 10 posts and can be difficult to do.

  • I honestly like doing the formus posts because its easy points. It donst matter what you say as long as you write a line and a half you still get all the points. I do think it would be nice to have less than five though. I agree a lot of topics are just uninteresting  and makes me not want to comment. 

  • I think forum post should be a choice because it takes up a lot of the day and I don't have time to do anything else such as other homework. You have to worry about it everyday and I always forget to do it. Sometimes it can help but some of this stuff I don't need to know.

    • I see where you are coming from saying that they should be a choice.

  • I think forum posts can be good but can be a little too much at times. I think that it can be hard to find topics and I think that most people repeat and just comment the same as what other people comment. I do not think it is really necessary every week to do it. 

    • I agree that sometimes it can be tough being a forum post leader and finding a topic even with the websites that Mr.Bruns provides for us.

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