Should We Have To Do Forum Post?

I think that forum posts should not be mandatory for history because there are a lot of people who forget and it could be bad for their grades because they are out of 40 points and they are really easy to forget even with reminders. I can also see why we need them though because it is the only homework we get from the class and they are easy to do but they are still easy to forget especially with all the homework from other classes like English and math. It would also maybe be more beneficial to do less like 3 or 4 because some of the topics aren't that interesting sometimes and could be easier to write less than 5. It would also be a better idea to do weekly grading instead of getting 1 grade for 4 weeks then you get 4 different grades for 4 different weeks so if you don't do 1 week then it won't affect your grade as much if you get the rest of the weeks.


Do you think we should have a forum post? Why?

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  • I believe that students should just do form posts, they are helpful for grades and it is easy, students that don’t do it are just lazy, losing points that can give a good grade. It takes 10 minutes at most. It is an easy A. Even if you put half of the work, Mr. Bruns still offers make-up extra credit.

  • In my personal opinion, I do not think we should have to do forum posts. I understand that it is easy points for those that are struggling in the class. But, for those that are doing very well in the class it is just pointless busy work. I feel that I get very little out of writing them, other than a couple of easy points. 

    • I agree with your statement that they are easy points for students that are struggling and students that are doing good in class shouldn't have to do them.

  • I think that forum post are a really easy thing to do and that they give students the opportunty to raise their grade because they are worth 40 points and as long as you do them you can get all 40 points because they are all based on your own oppinion.

  • I like the forum posts because they are really easy grades (if you do them). I feel you can knock out the five in just a couple minutes. I agree that some topics aren't interesting, but you can suck it up and comment on the five you need to get done.

  • I think doing forum post shouldn't be for 40 points. I think that taking notes should be a grade though because doing notes in class is easier than doing 5 forum post replies in one week even if the posts are boring.

  • I think that the forum posts are a great idea. In my view, it definetly helps to educate more people and to help them to form and communicate an opinion. I can see your point that it might be harder to remember them, but we always get reminders and there are WIN times where you can get them done. 

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