Should We Have To Do Forum Post?

I think that forum posts should not be mandatory for history because there are a lot of people who forget and it could be bad for their grades because they are out of 40 points and they are really easy to forget even with reminders. I can also see why we need them though because it is the only homework we get from the class and they are easy to do but they are still easy to forget especially with all the homework from other classes like English and math. It would also maybe be more beneficial to do less like 3 or 4 because some of the topics aren't that interesting sometimes and could be easier to write less than 5. It would also be a better idea to do weekly grading instead of getting 1 grade for 4 weeks then you get 4 different grades for 4 different weeks so if you don't do 1 week then it won't affect your grade as much if you get the rest of the weeks.


Do you think we should have a forum post? Why?

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  • I think that forum posts are an easy thing to do each week. There are also topics on here that I didn't know about and that I learn about. They aren't hard and they don't take much time. Not to mention they are very easy points for only having to write a couple of sentences.

  • I think its good to do becuase we learn more with these, I didnt know about a lot of things until I started doing these. I also  think its good for grades, we get easy points from these and it helps your grade, sometimes it is hard to do becasue i froget but i think we should have these.

  • Yes, I think forum post are benefical to help our grades. Since they are worth a lot of points for our grades. Also it beneficial because we get to learn about history and what is going on in the world. I also think they are very easy to get done for easy points.

  • Yes, I think forum post are beneficial to help out grades because they are worth a lot of points but I think we should grade them every week because something we have to do 5 of every week should not be graded after a few weeks because those 40 points effect your grade a lot and if you forget to do some for the week you can't go back and fix it. so your stuck with the grade.

    • I totally agree that if it's all one big grade it affects your grade more than a few smaller grades.

  • I think we shouldn't have to do forum posts. I think this because it is a lot of work to do over the weeks. Especially if you are a leader there is a lot of work. Although some of the topics allow students to learn about ongoing events, but it is a lot of work for students.

    • I agree that it is a lot of work especially if you are a leader.

  • In my opinion, I do not think that forum posts should be mandatory.  They can be very easily forgotten to complete.  Not everybody has time to do form posts after work or after practice. People also could lack internet at home and could not do them. Some people don't have a study hall and therefore have to do them at home. I think if they are mandatory we should get time in class to be able to complete them. 

  • I think that forum post are easy to do. Yet, they can be very easily to forget to do. They are worth a lot of point for how easy they are to do. I personally think that they should be optional for students to do.

    • I agree that they are very easy to do but they are easy to for get.

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