Should We Have To Do Forum Post?

I think that forum posts should not be mandatory for history because there are a lot of people who forget and it could be bad for their grades because they are out of 40 points and they are really easy to forget even with reminders. I can also see why we need them though because it is the only homework we get from the class and they are easy to do but they are still easy to forget especially with all the homework from other classes like English and math. It would also maybe be more beneficial to do less like 3 or 4 because some of the topics aren't that interesting sometimes and could be easier to write less than 5. It would also be a better idea to do weekly grading instead of getting 1 grade for 4 weeks then you get 4 different grades for 4 different weeks so if you don't do 1 week then it won't affect your grade as much if you get the rest of the weeks.


Do you think we should have a forum post? Why?

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  • Yes, I think we should have forum posts becuase it is a good opertunity for students to get there grades up and its a free grade if you actually care about it. I feel like students need forum post and depend on them to bring there grade up from a bad test grade and rise up there grade for semester. Semester grade is coming up and forum posts can help you when you have a bad grade. So yes I feel like forum posts should be a things still becuase it can help students with there grade.

  • I think forum post is good for us students because its a way for us to express ourselves with others and to have real world coversations. I think this will help us in the future because it is a way to exrpess what we think and want to others in a way that wont hurt anyone.

  • I believe that forum post, while they seem taxing to do at times, are a neccesary part of the classes that require them. Doing them doesn't take a lot of effort as the requirement for them isn't asking for you to write like a 3 page paper or anything like that, it's a simple 2 line response that only requires your opinion.

  • I think forum posts are mostly good. They aren't hard, and you get to learn about current events. It is also basically the only homework we get. I also think that it is good to have discussions with classmates about these topics. You only have to do around 10 sentences per week, which isn't bad. 

  • I think doing forum posts is neccessary because it gives you an easy grade (If you can remember them). I do understand the people who don't like doing the forum posts because yes, they are really easy to forget. Even though I understand that, you also have to realize that the teacher reminds us nearly every day. Having these forum posts can also be intresting because you learn a little about new topics you didn't know about. 

  • Forum posts have many pros and cons. If you don't take the time to do them, it can take a very large toll on your grade. However, in CWI our homework is really just forum posts and maps along with studying. I think that forum posts are a way to find out what's going on around the world because we don't have enough time in class to discuss everything. 

  • I think forum posts can be both good and bad. Some people enjoy doing them and get their five done every week. Others aren't huge fans of them, so they simply don't do them and their grade goes down. Students often forget,  but Mr. Bruns reminds us all the time and offers WIN times to get them done.

    • I agree that they can be both good and bad at the same time.

  • I think that forum posts aren't so bad. I think that it is a good thing for us to do because it exposes us to online discussions where we can voice our opinions. Also, Mr. Bruns doesn't give out much homework, so this is just easy points for us to boost our grades.

    • I agree that they arent that bad and that is the only homework he gives out so it isn't terrible.

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