Should we have study halls? 

Should we have study halls? 


This is something I have been thinking about for a while and I believe that study halls are useless (for me personally anyway). I would rather do my homework at home as it is quieter, I’m in my room and it’s more comfortable.  


The only thing that study halls are useful for is if you need help.  But when you are at home, you can also get help by looking up a video or calling a friend. 


Some research says that study halls are good for people who have bad grades and/or a bad home environment.  And also that study halls can benefit. But I think, then, instead of going to study hall, go to the classroom that you need help in. So, if someone is struggling, say in Math, then they should go there for extra help, during what I need (win). Which is basically like a study hall. 


But there are very many negatives to having a study hall like people who don’t use their time wisely and they could just have another class period. 


Many other people say that you should have study halls so then you don’t have to stay after school because staying after school is not very beneficial. Also, if you have to take your homework home, you don’t have as much time to spend with your family. But, I still feel like there is no point in having a study hall when you don’t get a grade for it. So here are the facts given on why I feel like we should not have study halls.

Do you have a study hall?


Do you think study halls are beneficial?


Is study hall a good time for a restroom break?


If you didn’t have a study hall, when would you use the restroom?

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  • Yes, I do have a study hall. I think study halls are beneficial because it gives time for students to either study or complete their homework that they don't want to do outside of school. I believe that study hall is a good time for a restroom break, and if I didn't have a study hall then I would use the restroom at lunch.

    • I also have a study hall but if I didn't have a study hall I think I would say I would go to the bathroom at lunch but I don't think I would actually do it because I would be too busy talking and I would get distracted and not think about whether I had to go to the bathroom or not.

  • I have a study hall, and I think it is very beneficial. It's a good time to do your homework so it's not all piled up on you when you get home, it's nice for being able to communicate with your friends, and it's a nice long break from listening to your teacher talk for 40-ish minutes. I think it's also a good time for a restroom break so you're not interrupting your class time. Overall I think we should definitely keep our study halls.

    • See here is where I disagree I believe that study halls are not beneficial at all and it is just a waste of time I feel like it is just something to do whenever you have nothing else to do and in study hall no one ever gets their homework done.

  • I have a study hall and I think it is very beneficial so when I get home I can do what I want and dont have to work on school stuff. Although I belive that if you don't have anything to work on you should be able to leave. I also think that when you have a study hall it is a good time for a restroom break. 

  • I think that we should have study hall. I think that it is a nice part of the day to relax. I think that it helps people get home work done and make their load small when they get home. I think school would be a living hell if no one had study hall. I already think that we have to much home work I could not imagine it if we did not. 

    • Yes, we do get a lot of homework as high schoolers but I believe that we get a lot of time in class and we should use that when given I feel like study hall is not a good time to do it, especially if you need help but if you use your study hall that is good.

  • Yes, we should have study halls. It is suitable for the students that actually use them.  I think that it would be insufficient to get rid of them for the kids that are out for sports.  If they got rid of study halls the kids that went out for sports would be bombarded with homework.

  • I like study halls to get my mind off things and get work done usually but I understand where you are coming from. Some kids are very distracting and it's easier to focus at home. Study halls can be beneficial especially for kids that are busy and involved in other activities.

    • I'm glad you understand and I understand where you're coming from too this is a great time to get your mind off things but also it's kind of hard when kids are just messing around and being distracting

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