Should we have study halls? 

Should we have study halls? 


This is something I have been thinking about for a while and I believe that study halls are useless (for me personally anyway). I would rather do my homework at home as it is quieter, I’m in my room and it’s more comfortable.  


The only thing that study halls are useful for is if you need help.  But when you are at home, you can also get help by looking up a video or calling a friend. 


Some research says that study halls are good for people who have bad grades and/or a bad home environment.  And also that study halls can benefit. But I think, then, instead of going to study hall, go to the classroom that you need help in. So, if someone is struggling, say in Math, then they should go there for extra help, during what I need (win). Which is basically like a study hall. 


But there are very many negatives to having a study hall like people who don’t use their time wisely and they could just have another class period. 


Many other people say that you should have study halls so then you don’t have to stay after school because staying after school is not very beneficial. Also, if you have to take your homework home, you don’t have as much time to spend with your family. But, I still feel like there is no point in having a study hall when you don’t get a grade for it. So here are the facts given on why I feel like we should not have study halls.

Do you have a study hall?


Do you think study halls are beneficial?


Is study hall a good time for a restroom break?


If you didn’t have a study hall, when would you use the restroom?

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  • I have study halls and I think they are benefitial as long as you know how to use them and make them be productive. It can help people in sports or activities after school so they can get work done instead of having to do them at home after all day in school which is tyring for most people.

    • I agree with this, if you are going to use them and spend your time wisely I understand why having study halls would be good.

  • I have a study hall and i think its great because it gives me time to study and get my homework done. I also gives me time to relax and give me time to rest my brain and use the restroom. It also gives me time to talk to my friends and to actually socialize with other people.

  • I have a study hall and I really like it because I barely have to do homework at home. If you can't concentrate at school, you can either take another class or just use this hour to relax. I think study halls can be very beneficial for many students. 

    • I understand both sides of this, but I would rather do my homework at home where it is quieter. and better to relax and take the breaks you need iI am glad that we have the opportunity to have study halls. But I feel like we have other opportunities to spend for different classes.

  • I have a study hall, and I think it is very helpful. I use my study halls a lot, and if I'm not working on homework I can use it to relax or practice my instrument. Study hall is a good break in the middle of the day where you can reset and get ready for the next hour.

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