Should we have a self defense class at school?


Physical conduct should be used as a last resort, however in dangerous situations it should be used. Knowing self defense could mean life or death for some people.

Along with learning how to protect themselves students can also learn self awareness, Spatial awareness, and help students detect dangerous situations early before anything happens. Self defense can also improve self-confidence and physical fitness. Studies show that teaching students self defense actually reduces physical Disputes in school. 

 In many cases when young adults are in danger they panic however part of knowing and learning self defense is keeping calm and bing able to see thing level headed. With over about six different styles of  common and practical self defense and more then 170 styles of martial arts this being there are many different opportunities for schools to teach different styles. 

With most styles of self defense you do not have to worry about being stronger then your opponent. When learning self defense you are taught how to use your opponents body weight and momentum against them. 

Teaching self defense in school could be beneficial in many ways. I personally thing that we should make a P.E class for a form of self defense. For thoses who want to take part of learning self defense.


Should we have a self defense class in school?


Do you know self defense, if so what kind of it?

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  • I remember there was a self defense program this summer that any female, any age can sign up for. I think doing a program like that is fine, but if the Harlan area gets more dangerous than maybe a self defense class wouldn't be the worst idea ever. 

    • Yeah I heard about that I didn't joint in however with the crime rates raising all over the place it might not be a bad tool to have in your back pocket.

  • I think we should have self defense in schools becuase students who might need or want self defense can know how to do it. Also, the fact that self defense can help improve self confidence and physical fitness is also great for some. I currently do not know self defense and probably won't in the future.

  • Yes, I think schools should offer a self defense class because a lot of kids, espesically women need it. People need to have or know some ways of self defense espesically in today's world. A lot of people are also very busy and offering it at school would definitely be a benefit. 

  • Yes I think school should have a selfe deffence class. Young woman expesually need this class. Everyday there are woman that are being watched so they can be taken or attaked. we need to be able to protect ourselfs. not having to worry and look over our sholders everywhere we go. 

  • In my opinion we should have a self defense class in school. It would allow people to be safer and reduce accidents and fights. I don't know self defense but I think it would be very helpful to know how to defend myself in dangerous situations. 

  • Yes, I think we should have an optional self defense class. I personally do not know self defense but would not mind learning it. This class would benifit in many different ways to every student, even if the student were persay strong. 

  • Yes, I think self defense should be a class at every highschool. Because, some kids are truly lost when it comes to protecting yourself from someone. I think if there was a self defence class it should be a year long thing that teaches every way of self defence. The class should also be taught to junior high to because there to the point where they need to know it to.

  • I think we should have an optional self-defense class. It seems like something many people could benefit from. I don't know self-defense. 

    • I like the idea of having a optional class like another PE class or possibly a win time or something else like that.

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