should transgender care for minors be restricted?

There have been a lot of talks lately about states restricting or outright banning transgender care. This can be very harmful to trans youth, taking away the one thing they can do to feel good about themselves can harm their mental health and well-being. banning trans care for minors will inevitably raise suicide rates among trans youth.  

There has been more than one state banning or restricting trans care making it harder and harder for children to feel comfortable in their bodies. I think banning trans care for minors is not a good idea, the way it is now trans youth can get care but they need the permission of their parents and a therapist's recommendation. Making already hard enough to get care but this bill will take away all the effort we have gone through.


what do you think?

should transgender care be restricted?



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  • I dont think that transgender care should be a thing. I think that if you think you are trans, gay or anything else you have a mental problem. I think we should give therapy to those who think they are. if you are born a male you are a male no matter if you say you are a female or not. God made you the way you are and the world shouldnt be pushing these agendas for the youth or anybody. At a young age you dont know what you want and these changes can be irriversable. so overall they should get ride of them. 

  • I think if straight people don't need it then why should transgender people need it. I personally think that if you were born a male your a male throughout your life. Especially with kids; For example, kids' brain is not fully developed yet, so if you can tell them they can choose their gender that is simply one of the dumbest things you can do to their life.

  • I personally think transgender stuff is discusting and that they need mental help. God made you a male or female for a reason and there is only two genders. If you have to question what you are or want to change then you need mental help and if you don't want made fun of then don't make the choices you do. So no, I think care for trans people is stupid and should not be a thing at all. 

    • I respect your religion but you do have to remember that not everyone believes in god and that's not a good reason to say that trans people need mental help. 

  • Being able to switch your gender should 100% be banned for anyone. Especially minors think that they can change their gender frequently. I believe that troubled kids think that it's okay to switch to male or female, or the other fake genders. It's definitely a biased argument, but I think that it should be banned for all.

    • being trans is not something that people choose, which can be hard to understand for some people. but banning it outright will end up being extremely harmful to trans kids. 

      • Maybe banning it will help people see the real and natural truth and learn to live with their bodies and build a hard working mentallity to better themselves, I think trans people are just babies who cannot get the motivation to better themselves.

  • Transgender care should be provided to transgender kids after some sort of therapy. I believe children deserve transgender care, but they should at least be evaluated before they make a decision they may regret in the future. Adding on to that, care given to children should be limited to hormone blockers.

    • I agree that you should have some therapy to make sure this is what you need to be happy in life. children should be evaluated before they undergo any sort of change.

    • While you're allowed to have opinions on transgender people, your response has nothing to do with the topic. Whether people should change was never a question presented in the post. This post is about gender-affirming care.

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