Should They Have College Playoffs?

The Bowl Championship Series was formed in 1998 to see who was the best college football team is the best. Many players and others think that they should take that out and replace it with a playoff system. They think this because they think its not fair because they just pick who has played the best and put them against each other. They have nothing to lead up towards the national championship. 

First, one of the pros on having the national championship is that it makes a lot of money for the schools and students. Not that its all about having money but its letting kids play the game that they love and not worry about not being able to play a lot because they don’t make playoffs. Second, having the college playoffs it would extend the season by almost 2 months and some players would not like that.

If they decide on making the playoff and take the Bowl games away, the NCAA would lose a lot of money.  The NCAA host 42 bowl games and they made a lot of money off those games. Many players and coaches look up towards the bowl game because they have fun in them and its many players and coaches last games.


How do you feel about not having Bowl Games and having college playoffs?


If you could vote what would you choose?

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    • I agree that top 25 should contend for the championship. Most teams play bad at the begining or middle of the season and won't have a chance but if you give the smaller schools a chance who knows they could go win a natty.

  • I think that having college playoffs can be both good and bad because extending the season would result in more money for the colleges. I think it could be bad if they are playing more games because that could cause more injuries. I think that the way they are doing it now is just fine.

    • I agree that having bowl games could be bad or good. If extending the season will cause more players get hurt.

  • I think that having no Bowl Games will decrease the amount of injuries that happen in College Football. This will also allow more time for graduating college players to prepare more for the NFL combine if they choose. I would vote to keep the Bowl games because it brings in a lot of money to different cities and football programs.

    • I agree that it will help with players not getting hurt as much. If they get hurt in one of the bowl games then it gives the players going to the NFL less chances to play.

  • I feel like having college playoff games can be both good and bad. Having them would extent the season a lot which would result in more money for them. However, with the NCAA games they make a lot more money and is something mnay people wait for the whole year. If I could vote I would choose to keep things how they are because they are working good right now.

    • I agree that they should just keep the way things are now.

  • I like the college playoffs. It's a good thing for them to make money. I feel they should have them. Im not a fan of sports. This is a good topic. 

    • I agree, I think its a good idea because a lot of money will be made.

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