Should There be an Age Limit on Energy Drinks?

Many teens, myself included, have gotten really used to drinking energy drinks fairly often. But should teens be able to drink them freely? Many people have concerns. The 4 major side effects of energy drinks are anxiety, dehydration, insomnia, and heart complications. Heart complications include irregular heartbeat or even heart failure.


In 2011, 1499 teens were rushed to the ER because of an energy drink related emergency. More than 10 percent of these ER visits resulted in those teens being hospitalized. Many energy drink brands target their ads towards kids aged 13-18. As a result, these teens are influenced to drink these. Many schools even have energy drinks in vending machines, giving teens an even easier access to energy drinks. Parents are also uneducated on how risky it is having young children drink these drinks, especially the ones that have sugar in them.


So how do energy drink companies defend themselves? Many companies say that a large coffee from Dunkin Donuts has more sugar and caffeine than their drinks. The difference is that energy drinks use artificial sources for caffeine, which have been proven to be more dangerous than natural caffeine sources. Many health research centers have concluded that children should consume no caffeine at all.


In my opinion, I think that the age limit for energy drinks should be 16. At that age, many teens are full grown or close to it. The major concern of teens drinking energy drinks is because they are smaller than adults, but many teens, girls especially, are full grown by 16. Also, energy drinks can help teens focus better in school, so they should be able to consume them in moderation.



Do you drink energy drinks? If so, how often?

Do you think there should be an age limit for energy drinks?




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  • Yes, I drink energy drinks or something like them called pre-workout.  These drinks are good for short-term energy and focus. However, these drinks can cause heart problems due to the amount of caffeine in them.  I try to limit the amount of energy drinks that I drink. 

  • I think there should be an age limit. Kids can get seriously hurt and even threaten their lives by drinking these things. I think ones like celsius or the Ice enrgy drinks are okay. Things like monster and redbull are very dangerous and even life threatening.

  • I think that there are some age limits for certain one line 5 hour energy you have to be 18. But for others I think there in not enough in the to mess with many people. There is recommended age on the cans that is 18 but there is nothing really to keep that under cervalance.

    • Yes, I think that the age limit on 5 hour energy is appropriate since it is a lot of caffeine all at once, but ones like monster and red bull would be hard to enforce.

  • I do not drink energy drinks so I don't really know if there should be age limits. From what you said and what i've heard, they are not good for people so it probably would be a good thing to have an age limit. I realize this would dissapoint any people under the certain age so maybe it would not be worth it. If it's like the rest of the drinks and things you are supposed to get once you are old enough, the young people will find a way to get it anyway. For this reason, it is most likely pointless to have an age limit set.

  • I don't drink energy drinks. Having a heart condition, it scares me to know how fast my heart could stop from drinking energy drinks. Lots of caffine is packed into energy drinks. I think that yes energy drinks can help you be more awake, but they also make you very tired after the caffine wear off. I think that it should be more for adults, because there hearts could handle it more.

  • I feel like there should be an age for energy drinks. I understand that they are a good pick-me-up in the morning, but they are bad for you. I feel like teenagers having to rely on some sort of caffeinated drink to get through the day is so sad. I feel like you should drink them after you become a legal adult, so 18. Not while in highschool or younger. 

  • I think there should be an age limit on energy drinks. I do not drink them. I think that the age limit should be 16 because then they have more of a choice. I also think that people should just not drink them because they are bad for you.

  • Yes, I believe there should be age limit on energy drinks. The reason that will never happen is that there is no way anyone can stop teens from drinking energy drinks. I personally drink them, but I'm not someone that drinks one every day. Only when I need to stay awake. 

  • I think there should be an age limit like 17 years old or something becase all the caffenie for a body that isn't fully devolved is not good for maybe it should be higher that is just my persnoal opion.


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