Should the Paparazzi be banned?

The origin of the paparazzi dates back to the late 1950s. A group of photographers took to the streets of Rome and began taking photos of cinema stars and celebs.  Magazines and newspapers began to seek out these  private, not staged, photos of celebrities.  People and magazines paid good money for these photos and so the paparazzi grew and grew. The question however is, Should paparazzi be legal? 


Over the years many celebrities have raged on paparazzi and asked it to be banned. Many believe it is an invasion of privacy. While others argue that it would go against the 1st amendment , freedom of press. While taking a few pictures may seem harmless, some instances have gone too far. One example is Linsey Lohan in 2005. She was going to make a u turn when a man rammed into her vehicle just to try and get a picture of her. The photographer was later arrested. Another incident was in 2019, A paparazzi member was running after a car that was believed to be driving around Justin bieber. The man was so focused on getting a photo that he ran into the road and was hit by a SUV and died. Another problem that has arised with paparazzi is celebrities' children being targeted. Blake lively came out and spoke about her children being stalked by the paparazzi. Many of celeberties children have been severely targeted, stalked, and had there picutres sold. While it is perfectly legal to photograph anyone, California enforced a law that made it a misdemeanor to photograph celebrities' kids in 2013. 

Overall, I believe paparazzi should be banned, I feel that at certain events they should be able to take Photos but other than that they should respect celebs' privacy. It is ridiculous that celebrities cannot have a moment of privacy in public. I also think its disguidting how papaprazzi aims to get innopropriate pictures of celebs. 


Do you think that paparazzi should be banned? 11072636298?profile=RESIZE_400x


Should it be legal to take pictures of celebrities' children? 


Would you rage on the paparazzi for following you?,the%20paparazzi%20led%20to%20death. 



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    • I agree big events are different. 

  • I think the paparazzi should be banned. Many of them are very touchy or too nosy and many of the pictures they take get taken out of proportion and end up causing problems/conflicts. I don't think they should be able to take photos of celebrities' kids unless they have permission because many don't want the whole world all up in their kid's business.

    •        Yeah they dont respect peronal space.

  • I think that paparazzi should be allowed into important events. For example, the Grammys, Oscars, Met Gala, etc. I don't think that paparazzi should be taking pictures of a celebrity's everyday life. I also think that the paparazzi shouldn't be able to take photos of children. Especially since some of those children are very young.

    • I agree big events are fine. 

  • I think paparazzi should not be allowed to a certain extent. Paparazzi can definitely cross a line at times and have no boundaries, but some celebrities also call paparazzi to promote themselves. It is wrong when celebrities are out with their children and paparazzi basically harass them.

    • Papparazi crosses alot of lines. 

  • I think paparazzi should be banned. no one likes the paparazzi they are usually very annoying. I think it should be illlegal to take pictures of celebrities children. I personally would not rage at someone i don't even know unless they are being plain out rude.

    • They are annoying. 

  • I do think the paps should be banned. Stalking celebrities and following them to hotels and to their homes is unacceptable. It should also be illegal to take pictures of celeb's kids. They're children and having to deal with being afraid of being followed. I would lose my temper very quickly and rage on the paps. Celebrities are just ordinary people with extraordinary jobs. They're people with feelings, and being "famous" doesn't change that.

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