Do you think the military should be allowed to use enhanced interrogation techniques? 

There are many mixed emotions on this topic, many think yes, although there are still a good amount who think no. What are some reasons they would need to use these techniques? 


In many cases this technique would be necessary due to a bomb threat, or a threat of an attack. The first time enhanced interrogation techniques were known to be used was around March - April 2002, when Abu Zubaydah was captured. After this event happened they kept him in isolation for 47 days, then used the waterboarding technique. If you didn’t know, this technique is used to simulate drowning. These techniques are used to get information out of people, but it doesn’t always work out. 


In my opinion to be completely honest, I have mixed feelings about this. I think this because yes in some cases this is the only way you can get the information you need, but there are also many different outcomes that could happen.




Do you think it's safe to use these techniques? 


How do you feel about these techniques?


Should they be allowed? Why or why not?




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    • I agree, these techniques do get very valuable information sometimes, but should not be taken lightly and taught if you were to not want to do something like this if needed. These techniques can be very dangerous and make a turn in the wrong direction badly. 

  • I think that if the enemy was someone big and powerful and they had a lot of useful information then this would be useful. However, I think it could be more dangerous and the person could come back and kill many members of our military. There are a lot of pros and cons to this topic. 

  • it depends on the crime committed. If you are a killer or a bomber then yeah I think that these techniques are okay to use but if you pulled petty theft or something then there is no point in using these techniques. they can be good for the country if used correctly. 

  • In my opinion, I think they should be able to use these techniques. to help with the safety of the people, it could lessen the risk. As long as these techniques are used right and safely, they should be able to use them. I think they can be beneficial to our country and its people.

    • I agree with you, it would be benificial and safe as long as they know what they are doing. It would definitely keep the safety of the people.

  • I think that these techniques should be used by the military. In order to keep our country safe, these techniques can be used to get information from those who are not willing to cooperate. These techniques, though frowned upon by many these forms of interrogation have worked in past wars.

  • I believe that they should be able to use those techniques due to the saftey that is usually at risk. I think that a lot of bad people will not talk or give up any information. That is when I think they should be able to use those techniques. 

  • I think its safe to use those techniques if they are done right and the people know what they ae doing. I think that these techniques could be bennificial in our military so we can get information out from other contries to better protect us. 

    • I agree, if these techniques went right and were safe then it could be benificial. 

  • I think that we should. Many country's don't listen to war rules anyways Russia used cluster bombs on Ukraine. They had commited many war crimes so I think we can step up our intarragation. People think that the world in sunshine and rainbows but nope. People are taking our soilders and do things to them so lets do it back.

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