Should teens be able to go on birth control?

Birth control is an oral contraceptive drug that women all over the world take. It prevents pregnancy and helps with other things women struggle with.. However many don't take  birth control. Some parents do not allow their children to take it. I had many positives and negatives.

To start, there are many disadvantages to birth control. For example about 9 out of 100 people taking combination birth control pills will get pregnant in the first year of use. Taking the pill can cause birth defects, headaches, nausea, bloating, increased blood pressure and so much more. People also have to take the pill everyday at the same time, otherwise it will not work. Some people  believe that birth control promotes “sexual behaviors.” Another negative is the longer you take birth control the harder it is for you to get pregnant in the future. 

Birth Control  also has positives. Birth control raises the odds of getting some cancers,and  lowers other cancers. Studies show that individuals who take the pill have 30%-50% lower risk of ovarian cancer than others. The longer you take the pill the less likely you get this cancer. Another positive is obviously it prevents pregnancy and helps with acne, cramps, menstrual cycle, etc. The longer you take the pill the less chance to get pregnant later on in life. 

In conclusion, birth control has many positives and negatives. I believe that teens should be able to go on birth control. It helps with many things. 


Would you let your teenage girl go on birth control pills? 


Do you think birth control pills are useful or not useful? 


How old should you be to get on birth control?


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  • I think people should be able to go on birth control. This is because it is more than just the control of birth that the pill helps with. I helps with endometriosis and PCOS when they dont have other forms of medication, and it also helps regulate periods when they do not come at the same time.

  • Personally, I definitely believe birth control should be available to teenage girls. Birth control has multiple uses other than just preventing pregnancy and helps to regulate hormone changes. I think somebody should listen to their doctor and get the ok before going on the pill.

  • I think that teenage girls should go on birth control because it helps teenagers so they don’t get pregnant. I think that it is a better idea for teenage girls to use it then if they don’t use it and then they might become pregnant. So yes I do think that teenage girls should be on birth control but at a certain age.

    • its not just for pregnancy it mostly helps periods and what not

  • Yes I would, and I think they are very useful. Many people misjudge birth control, but it's used for SO MANY things besidse pregnancy prevention. Many women and girls go on it for their period, and it takes about a year after starting that for it to be as regulated as it will get, so I just think a year after you start your period, unless your going on it for other reasons, then I think it should be available to all with limits of course.

    • i agree, it is very helpful for periods

  • I think that teenage girls should be able to go on birth control. I think I would let my girl go on birthcontrol because it better then being a grandpa at the age 30 or 40. I think that birth control pills are useful. I think you should at least be 15 years old to go on birthcontrol.

    • i agree, i wouldnt want grandkids that young

  • I think teens should be able to go on birth control, a lot of girls use birth control for menstruation regulation rather than for sexual reasons. Birth control may be harmful in some ways but your doctor matches it to your hormones so you don't have those problems. You also don't have to take birth control at the same time every day for it to work properly, doctors just recommend that so you don't forget to take it. So yes, I think teen girls should be allowed to go on birth control because it's used for a lot more things other than "sexual reasons".

    • you have to take the pill everyday around the same time for it to work, if you miss two-three days it takes it at least 2-3 months for it to work again and have a regular period. 

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