Should teachers get a pay raise?

From public to private schools, teachers get paid around 9-38 dollars per hour with an average of 14. That can vary from teacher to teacher, depending on education, additional skills, years of experience, and certifications. Cities pay teachers more than small towns like Harlan however, since there are more schools and most likely more kids to teach. I work at Dairy Queen and I get paid $8 an hour. That's only one less than the minimum and I didn't go to college or anything. I just applied and I got the job, and its much easier than being a teachef I imagine. Especially if they're high schoolers because most of them act like mischevious elementary kids. Literally the most immature people you'll ever know.

I feel generally sorry for the teachers and people that known them, because they don't get paid enough to deal with them. However there are teachers that just ignore them, doesn't mean that they try to make them more upset. I mean honestly I can't be the only one that things they aren't funny, to be a teacher is genuinely hard and all they do is make it harder. It makes teachers assume that most kids are like this and that they don't do anything but fool around. They aren't our parents though, we have rights too. Just as much as teachers do. There's been laws throughout history that prevents or promotes discipline. whether that's physical or emotional. 

But that's not our topic. According to indeed, High school teachers in Harlan make a minimum 42k per year. Which really isn't that bad considering the fact that the highest teacher salary is in maryland and that's $61,254 each year. But it's still not good enough for as much as they have to deal with. As my mom would say, you couldn't pay me enough to be a high school teacher and deal with as many idiots as there are in this school. No offense of course, there are the good people in the school too. Anyway back to our topic, the reason why teachers are so underpaid is because of how low-funded American school and education is. Apparently, salary increases don't seem to be in the question for teachers so the problem just keeps coming up. 

Some people might argue, "well why are they teachers then?" they're teachers because they want to teach people. Not deal with immaturity, keep that in mind. The teachers have been open about how underpaid they are and how much work they put in for so little back. So what do you think about teacher salary, should they get a pay raise or not?









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  • I think that teachers need to be paid more, considering the minimum wage in Iowa is $7.25 an hour, and they make around $9.00 an hour. Teachers need money to be able to afford things for their classroom like extra supplies and decor. They can't just buy the cheapest supplies because like I said, its probobly really bad quality. 

    • Dude honestly I agree though, the minimum wage is less than I make and I make ice cream for people like that's really not fair.

  • I think teachers should get a raise for all they do. Teachers have to take time every night wheather its grading papers, making tests, or even he;ping students. They aslo have to put up with very awful students who refuse to listen. Even though they have summer off i still think they should be getting paid more

  • I personally think that teacher should be getting paid more money for teaching students. I feel that teachers dont make enough money doing there jobs. You would think for how much time and work and money they put into teaching things that they would be getting paid way more then what they do. A teacher gets paid on adverage 35,766 per year which isnt even that much.

  • I personally believe that teachers need a pay raise not only to the low amount they get but also have to spend a lot of money on school supplies. Teachers only get paid on average $35,766 per year. This is a low amount compared to the hundreds of other jobs out there. Also, teachers have a low budget when it comes to school supplies. They try to buy the best supplies while trying to get the best quality. 

  • I think they need to be paid more because they have to buy supplies for the students. The school does help with the costs, but sometimes it doesn't cover all the stuff they need. They also have to grade papers and all that stuff at home. So that's work they aren't getting paid for. Kids nowadays will make fun of teachers and talk back because they think it's funny.

  • I do believe that teachers need a pigraid not great pay raise they're constantly supplying the children the kids with school supplies and pencils and razors and pens those just those are just going to be a lot over time and one day to vote what 11 hours 11 to 12 hours of their day for the advancement of the Next Generation so yes they do need a page. Right


  • I agree, teachers don't normally get paid enough, especially in small towns. Then again you have to realize small towns are of course like the name, small. Therfore, I don't think you should expect a lot. I understand that teachers don't want to teach what you call "idiots". Sometimes thats just what you need to expect with a job like a teacher. 

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