Should teachers be allowed to hit students?

In the 19th and 20th centuries, teachers used corporal punishments on students. They believed that these punishments helped motivate students to perform better both academically and behaviorally. It was allowed for teachers to discipline students if they weren't paying attention, weren’t behaving adequately, or had inappropriate language. Teachers would typically use rulers, belts, an open hand, etc. Even though it doesn't happen as much as it used to, physical discipline is still legal in nineteen states.


Nineteen out of the fifty states still allow teachers to discipline students in public schools. While in private schools, only two states allow that, Iowa and New Jersey. Many people believe that corporal punishments should not be allowed in a school environment. They think that it is the parent’s responsibility to physically punish the child (if they choose to do so). However, some people believe that corporal punishments are beneficial and useful in school. It is said to establish boundaries, motivate students to behave, and accurately be held accountable. 


I think that corporal punishments in schools should be illegal and banned in all 50 states. It is not the teacher’s responsibility or right to lay their hands on another person's child. If a student is really acting up, the teacher needs to contact the parents before taking any physical action.


What do you think about teachers hitting their students?

Do you think hitting students should be illegal?

Who do you think should be in charge of discipling students, teachers or parents?,%2C%20Indiana%2C%20Iowa%2C%20Kansas%2C

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  • I don't think teachers should be allowed to hit their students. It just seems wrong. I get kids can be rude or disrespectful, but that's why you can send them to the office to get a detention or suspension. there are other options; hitting kids won't correct their behavior. Hitting your students should be illegal. Parents and teachers should both be responsible. Parents can paddle their kids because that's how they can enforce discipline. Teachers on the other hand cannot touch the kids. they can enforce rules upon the kids though, such as lunch detentions, etc.

  • I do not think teachers should be able to hit students.  I  think that alot of kids need punishment because of the way they treat the teachers sometimes. Overall I think its the parent's job to discipline there child. 

  • I do not think teachers should be able to hit students.  I  think that alot of kids deserve to get hit with how they treat the teachers sometimes though. Overall I think its the parent's job to discipline there child. 

    • Yes, lots students do not treat teachers respectfully and they should be punished for it, but not hit for it. Teachers to not have the authority to hit students. The only person that has that authority is the parents.

  •  No, teachers should not hit their students, it's not the right way to teach them. I honestly do think it should be illegal to hit your students. It's just not right, there are some different ways to teach and dicipline someone. Discipline should be up to parents, not teachers. The parents are obviously in control, they are in charge of the student in discipline not the teachers.

    • I agree, it is not morally right for teachers to hit their students if they are acting up. Instead of hitting them, teachers should call the student's parents or give them detention/a different punishment. I think non-physical punishments are more effective than physical punishments.

  • I dont think hitting a child is the right way to discipline them at all. I think that teachers should be able to disipline kids by putting them in time out, or moving their little clip from happy face to sad face. If there was no discipline in the classroom, showing kids what is right or wrong, It would just not be good.

    • I agree, the kids do need to be disciplined, but there are many ways to discipling a child other than to hit them. The teacher should tell the parent and the parent can handle how to punish the child, not the teacher.

  • absolutetely not. Teachers are here to teach you so you learn important life lessons and information that you can use later in life. Not to instill fear and trauma. Sure teachers have the right to discipline them verbally to help prevent them from acting out again, but physically is a whole different story. It's cruel and not to mention quite literally illegal, so of course its frowned upon by society but that still doesn't stop teachers from doing it on some occasions.

    • I agree, I didn't even think about the trauma that corporal punishments give students. Teachers should only give verbal punishments, not physical ones.

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