Everyday students get told they should do something extra with the school, whether that be sports, band, student council, ect. Most students would agree that doing an extracurricular activity is good. So the question is do you think students should be required to do an extracurricular activity?


Most studies show that doing extra activities can help improve your behavior, academic ability, and have more positive attitudes. Although most teenage students have jobs and chores outside of school they still are involved with a lot of things. Most staff at schools push you to do something helping the school. 


Many students would agree with taking extra curricular activities but they do not think it should be required. Studies also show that being involved more with the school can give you more social opportunities, help you have essential life skills, and it looks good on your resume. 


As a student, I think being more involved in your school helps you do better in school and make more friends. Overall it’s just an easier way to embrace yourself through your school?


Do you think students should be required to take extra curricular activities?


Do you think it helps with social skills? 



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  • I do not think that extra-curricular activities should be required. Some people have things to do after school like homework, chores, work, helping out with other things. Having this as a mandatory thing could possibly put a lot of stress on some students. 

    • I agree, most students have things to do when they leave school and another activity could be unhelpful. This could put stress on students if it can required but It could also help them with school or friends.

  • I don't think extra-curricular activities should be required in school because if a student works or has certain plans after school thats a big risk even with a job. If an extra curricular activity is pushed on a student they won't like it most likely.

  • I think that students should not be required to do it. I think if you give to manny student homework or extra things do they will get stressed and their grades will start to drop.  And others have jobs and others do sports.

  • I don't think it should be demanded or forced but i do think it should be highly encouraged because it can help with social skills, it helps tons of people make new friends. it also helps students stay active and not feel lazy, it will help them stay in the shape they want.

    • I mostly agree, it shouldn't be forced but highly encouraged. It's a good way to deal with social skills or friends. It also could students make students stay active and not just sit around. It could could effect their schedule though. 

  • I think that students shouldn't be required but be encouraged to take an extra curricular activity. I feel this way because some students either work or are too busy at home to be in an extracurricular. But I do think that extra curricular are beneficial to students mental and physical health.

  • I think that extra curricular activities should be encouraged, but not required. Some students might get really stressed out if they have to do extra curriculars because they may already have things to do after school like a job or homework.

  • I think that extra curricular activities shouldn't be required. Some people would rather work than get involved in extra curricular activities.  I think it helps a lot on social skills because you have to communicate with people. Extra curricular activites also help make new friends and you get to meet new people. 

  • I think that all students should do at least one sport. But some students don't want to be there so they will jack around and not do what they are suppose. They might do more damage to the team then them helping out. I think it is good that pe in maditory but I don't think all kids should do sports. 

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