Every day you can see students listening to music during class. Sometimes a teacher will ask them to take out their earbuds or take off their headphones. As a result of this, some students are annoyed by the fact that they can’t listen to music during class. So the question is… Should students be allowed to listen to music during class? Or should teachers continue to make the students take them out? 


Many teachers can argue that students should not have their earbuds in. Many believe that they simply do not listen to the teachers and just care about their music. Sometimes during class, teachers let their students listen to music during work time. According to healthline.com, students are less stressed and are more focused while listening to music in the background of working. This may be a reason why teachers allow their students to listen during work time. But why do teachers not allow music during normal class time? This could be because they believe that students cannot hear the teacher as well while music is playing in the background. But is this belief true? 


Many students think that they should be allowed to have earbuds in during class. Many students believe that they are more relaxed with music during class. Oftentimes when students have earbuds in, they can still hear the teacher talking during class. When students arrive at school, most are not excited. Many can argue that school is not a very exciting time/place. Most students believe that listening to music during class has many benefits. According to fnu, listening to music reduces anxiety. And to many studies, school can cause lots of stress and anxiety. Meaning that music can make students feel at ease while at school. 


As a student, I can say that music helps students during school 100% of the time. As I speak for most, it makes us feel relaxed, at ease, happy, ect. So why do teachers want to take that away from us? Yes, they may feel that we are not listening, however, instead of yelling in front of the class, just quietly ask us to turn it down. I can understand if a student has music blasting and it is disrupting the class. However, if a student can hear the teacher, and the music is not distracting, why tell us to take our earbud out?


After many studies, I can conclude that there are both good and bad effects to listening to music during class. I believe that students should be allowed to listen to music during class. Unless there is a test, or students are being disruptive, all students should be allowed to listen to music during class. 


Do you think students should be allowed to listen to music? 


Does listening to music help students focus during class?





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  • I believe students should be able to listen to music during worktime, but it should be up to the teacher if students can listen to music during normal class time. I listen to music often when I am working, but I usually don't listen to music while the teacher is talking. I do this to show respect to the teacher, and show that I actually am listening to them.

    • I can see that it may not be polite if you are listening to music while the teacher is talking. The teacher may feel that nobody is listening to them if everyone is listening to music. 

      • I agree. If I was the teacher I would think that it's rude and not polite when I am talking. Also, I think that the students would miss information and would keep asking what to do. I feel like students can listen to music when the teacher isn't talking or explaining something.

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