Should Students be able to Choose Which Classes They Take?

Would you rather take a class that you enjoy and will use to your advantage in the future or take a class to fulfill set requirements in order to complete highschool? In my opinion, students should be able to choose which academic courses they take based on their interests. Most students already have the opinion that taking subjects like history, math, science, and English are unnecessary because they won't use what they learn later in life. For example, a student who is looking to pursue becoming a children’s therapist shouldn’t have to take math classes through highschool; They should be able to take a class that is related to that career.

If students are given the opportunity to choose classes that they enjoy or better understand, they will be more eager to learn and are more likely to engage in the material. In addition, engaging in class more often will result in better grades and an overall better GPA because they’re more comfortable and better understand the topic. This would also decrease the dropout rate and students would be less likely to have to repeat a class or a grade. Many students fail classes just becaust they don't understand the subject or aren't interested in it so it's hard for them to focus in class. Some may think that there aren’t enough teachers to teach such a variety of courses, but many classes can be taught online or through colleges.

Another argument may be that if students choose not to take certain subjects, they’ll never get a basic understanding of that topic. However, students who are not good at a subject or just don’t like it in general are never going to get a full understanding of it if they don’t like the class. In addition, certain requirements can be set to limit this. Examples of this could be not being able to choose your classes until you reach highschool, being required to take classes that involve certain life skills sometime throughout high school, having a limit to how many extracurricular classes you can take (like art, music, or PE), and more. I believe students should have a choice as to what classes they take throughout high school with certain requirements because they will have a higher engagement level, will have better grades, and will have a better understanding of the subjects they’re taking. 


  1. Do you think that students should be able to choose their academic classes?
  2. What do you want as your future career?
  3. If you were given a larger variety of classes to choose from, what classes would you be interested in taking for your future career?

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    • I partially agree, students should be able to take more classes that they are interested in and involve their future career. This will help them further engage in school. 

  • i think they should be able to choose which classes they take. I want to be a pediatrict nurse so im gonna need to get alot of math and science classes. I would be intrested in taking more science classes because it shard for me to understand. So they more i practice it the more ill understand it.

    • Exactly, if you already know what you're wanting as your future career you should be able to take more classes based on that. Being a pediatrict nurse doesn't have anything to do with history, but you're still required to take history classes. 

  • I think students should have the right to choose their classes. Now I understand if we have to take a class like math. On things like History and Science I think it just needs to be basic. Although those classes would be basic with it being mandatory, but there definitly should be classes of more advanced classes like that. The reason I think that History and Science shouldn't be as mandatory is because not everyone is going to do something that absolutely needs this in their future career. 

    • Students should be able to choose their classes under certain circumstances. They shouldn't be able to until highschool. Many classes we are required to take won't be necessary in the future. 

  • I think that we should be able to choose academic classes now i get if the school is picking the ones that we need but other than those i think we should be able to because if they make us take a class we don't want to take because we are not interested we mostlikly wont learn as well as people who are interested.

    • I agree, when students take classes that they either aren't interested in or aren't good at, they most likely won't try in the class. This will lead to bad grades and it is one of the main causes of students not enjoying school, other than having to wake up early. 

  • In my opinion, I believe students should have a lot of control over their academic classes because it can keep them interested in classes and can make school better suited for that particular student. Personally, I will go to college to start a carreer in either the medical field or a law field. If I were given a larger variety of classes to pick from, I would choose the classes that would best suit what I will be later in life.

    • I completely agree, if students aren't interested in the classes they're taking, they aren't going to try in them so it'll just be a waste of time in the end. This would also make students enjoy the school environment more. 

  • I think students should have full control over the classes they take and the teachers decide what ordeer there scheduel will be in so they know what classes are filled and what arent. i would personally want to choose mine.

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