should the semester test be changed?

every year in school we have semester test and years before we would always have open campus and be just fine. our new principal is making it so freshman and sophomores will not have open campus. 



every school has semester test and have there way of doing it. Our schools way was just fine. We had more time in between classes and were able to sit longer or even go somewhere for lunch. this year if it does go to the new way no one is going to like it. We only have 5 minutes in between classes and would not have any time to study. classes are longer when usually people get done way before the hour. lunch is only 35 min long and that still would be not enough time to study. If you have a D or an F in any class you will have to come friday for the make up day. the make up day was usually for people who missed the days before and need to come take the test.



In my opinion I think that we should just stay how we have been doing it and it will be better for the kids and teachers.



Do you think our semester test schedule should change? why or why not?

how would this benefit you if it changes?

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  • Since I am a freshman, I didn't experience the semester test schedule from last year, but I think that students need more time to prepare themselves for the tests, and they shouldn't have to go to another test five minutes after they just took one. I also think there should be open campus for lunch and all study halls, becausesome people want to go out for lunch and relax after taking a test, and some people don't want to sit in a study hall if they don't need to.

  • I personally think that we should've used the same semester test schedule that we've had for years. This new schedule doesn't allow me to have an open campus during lunch which is very upsetting. I also don't like how school starts later than usual, instead I would rather start at eight and get out earlier. 

  • As a freshman I am not familiar with the schedules from years past but I do think that having more time to study is way more benifical. And by  what I hear the test don't take as long at the time usally had. But on the other hand some people might not be able to get done in time.

  • I think that the schedule should stay the same from the year before. Five minute passing periods isn't long enough to do any studying or go to the bathroom, you just got back from one test and some people have things that they need to do before another one and five minutes your not gonna get almost anything done. I think it should be the same as last year 30 minutes because that gives someone more time to do what they need to.

  • As a freshman, I don't actually know how it's been before. From remarks I've heard I think it should go back to normal. It would honestly be nice to also have an open campus lunch. I also think that we don't have enough time to study, especially since the tests are really important.

  • I think it should change and let the fresman have open campus. I think that it should be the same as it was last year. I think that if their grades are up to standard open campus would be nice for the kids to have a break. I think it would benifit me to go home for intervolts.

  • As ive heard in the previous years the schedule was a lot better than it is now. As of right now students do not have enough time to study in between the classes. I think students will get overwheled and end up doing not very good on the test. Therefore, I think the semseter test schedule should stay the same. 

  • I think the semester test schedule should stay the same as it was in years prior. I think if students have good grades they should be able to leave for lunch. Also having 5 minute passing periods is not very much time to study when you just got back from another test. 

  • As a freshman, I don't really know what the semester schedule was like in previous years. However, from what I've heard it sounds like it's getting worse. I don't have a lot of time to study during the day so longer passing periods would be very helpful and I don't like the schools lunch so I'll have to bring my own since there's not open campus anymore. 

  • I think the semester test schedule should stay the same as it was in previous years. It is not fair to students or teachers because it doesn't give them time to prepare for their next classes. Students will be getting overwhelmed with test after test all day. The 5 minutes doesn't give students time to get prepared. 

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