Should schools have uniforms?

Should schools have uniforms? school uniforms are most commonly used in private schools,yet more public schools are adopting the idea of having school uniforms. According to a 2020 report, the percentage of public schools that require school uniforms went from 12% in the 1999 to 2000 school year to 20% in the 2017-18 school year. 

The most frequently required uniforms are elementary schools with 23% followed by middle school with 18% in high schools with 10%. There are many Pros that benefit the schools and students like, helping students focus on the educator, not their clothes. It creates a level playing field among students, reduces peer pressure and bullying, enhances school pride, unity and school spirit. Helps improve attendance and makes getting ready in the morning easier for students. Legal rights to free expression remain intact with school uniforms, people can express themselves individually in their uniforms by introducing variations and adding accessories.

Problems also do come to light with school uniforms. But just like the pros there are a lot of consStudents freedom of  expression,  school uniforms do not stop bullying and may increase violent attacks, Do not approve attendance, Academic preparedness or exam results, The key finding the benefit of the doubt is that uniforms are questionable. Students also do not like the idea that uniforms Can affect students' self image. Parents should be free to choose their children's clothes without being ridiculed. School uniforms May delay the transition into adulthood. 

As you can see there is a lot of evidence,  in the positives and negatives  of having uniforms. Most public schools don't wear uniforms and that's okay. Yes, I think it would be good to have something a little more in order, but we're a public school, everyone is different. 


Should students be able to decide this for themselves? 


Would you be okay wearing a uniform? 



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    • I agree, Students should be allowed to dress how they want, showing others what they like and dislike.

  • I personally think school uniforms would be a bad idea because people should be able to wear what they feel the most comfortable in so maybe just have like a clearer dress code or have school shirts, hoodies, and crewnecks to wear for a uniform instead of having the whole uniform that way people can still be comfortable during school. 

    • I agree, Students should be allowed to dress how they want and be comfortable.

  • I think that students should decide what they want to wear. Uniforms are not worth the money because they are boring and plain. Also some kids wouldn't have the money for uniforms. Uniforms don't give people a way to express themselves. I would not be ok with wearing a uniform I like my clothes.

  • I think that letting people dress themselves is the best option. Students are already forced to go to school, I don't think that we should have to be forced to wear a uniform. I personally would not like to wear a uniform. I would try my hardest to make it so I didn't.

  • I don't think school uniforms are necessary in schools. Having school uniforms makes evrybody the same, and not be able to express themselves. Overall, I think having school uniforms would cause more students to complain about them, and cause more kids to find a way around them.

  • I think that kids should be able to decide what they want if they are in high school, I think that I would not want to wherer a uniform and I think that everyone whould dress how they want and that that os a part of them and them people who want to can but the people who don't should not be made to ware them.

    • I totally agree, Students should be allowed to have joy picking what they wear.

  • I think that students should have the choice if they want to wear a uniform or not. I understand that it can be easier to pick out clothes for the day if you where certain things. Also that some can't always afford lots of clothes. Personally though I would not wear a school uniform.

    • I agree, but I wish that what some students should be more appropriate.

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