Should School Uniforms Be Required?

How long have uniforms been required in schools? Well in fact, school uniforms have been seen in schools since 1222. They started in a school in England, but their school uniforms weren’t like modern uniforms, they had to wear a robe-type outfit called a cappa-clausa. After this, school uniforms started to become more popular throughout private schools, but what about public schools? School uniforms should not be required in public schools because it takes away the students' individuality, and creativity.


I can understand the argument for why we should have school uniforms, but the monotony may be boring to the students’ minds. It’s already hard enough to stay focused in some classes, let alone if you were wearing something that you found uncomfortable. The diversity in clothing choices of the students’ gives character. People may argue that students are pressured to fit in with name brand clothing, and trendy styles. This may be true in some cases, but that’s why the staff influence the students’ to think for themselves and to express them for who they truly are.


School uniforms have been around for a very long time. Some may say that we should keep them around, as some sort of tradition. The world evolves and people change. In my personal opinion, this is a movement that should be stopped. School uniforms remove the students’ originality and distinction.


Do you think school uniforms should be required? Why?

If they were required, what would your biggest complaint be?

Why do you like being able to choose your own outfits?

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    • I completely agree with you, being able to choose your own clothes shows responsibility, and gives the students a choice. Trying to show that everybody is different and unique is difficult when you have everyone wearing the exact same outfit.

  • I do not think school uniforms should be required because they are outdated and unnecessary. Uniforms are okay in a private school setting because that is where they traditionally are found, but public school uniforms just don't make sense. Dress codes are in place for those to follow it and express their style within the code and I haven't seen any issues with it working. If uniforms were required I would be very sad I wouldn't be able to express myself through my clothing like I usually do. 

    • I agree with you, being able to show who you are through clothing is a a great privilege, although many people take this for granted it's still one of our rights to be able to express ourselves and I feel that would be taken away if they were required in public schools.

  • I don't think that school uniforms should be required because it is a way that people get to express themselves. If they were required my biggest complaint would be not being able to wear clothes that I want or that I consider comfortable. I like being able to choose my own outfits because it is a way to express myself without using words. 

    • I agree with you, I think wearing what the student's find comfortable is the biggest thing for me as well. If I had to go the whole school day wearing some scratchy dress pants, I'd probably drop out at that point. Being able to express yourself is also super important to almost everybody.

  • I think that school uniforms should not be required at all. I think the way people dress is the way they wanna be seen and gives them a unique personality. I think my biggest complaint would be that people don't need to look the same. I like choosing what I wear cause I wanna be comfortable when sitting in school all day.

    • I agree with you, I like being able to choose my own outfits, I feel it gives people identidy and shows character. I like having the freedom to choose my own outfits, and to wear what I'm comfortable in.

  • I think that we should not have school uniforms. I think that because if we had school uniforms you would have to pay for the uniforms. If you lose a uniform you would probably get in trouble. I also think that kids should wear what they want to if it is appropriate and not dress like everyone else.

    • I agree with you, although there are financial plans available for those who can't afford them, I understand the concern, and even with this many people would probably still struggle, you would only be given a few pairs and many people don't have accessibility to clean their clothes, so only being limited to these I feel like could be a big struggle.

  • In my opion school uniforms should not be required as it makes everyone match and people can't wear what they want. For example if you get some new clouths for either your birthday or christmas you won't be able to wear them to school. 

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